Mother Earth

Prompt 17, Hour 14

For this hour I want you to use the quote bellow by Robin Wall-Kimmerer from her book Braiding Sweetgrass as the jumping off point.

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


The Land knows you even if you are lost … the Land, Our Mother Earth

Respect and Love her, she is no different than your own Mother who gave you Birth

The Land knows you even if you are lost … in the whirlwind of Life

Do not forget her, she will help you in the long strife

She will Feed, Bathe, Clothe, Protect you … if you give her Care and Nourishment

But if you Ravage, Destroy, Abuse her … you will face Mother Nature’s Wrath – Global Warming, Tsunamis, Quakes, Droughts – a Mother’s Punishment


Argy Bargy (Argument)


Prompt 16, Hour 13

Open a dictionary. Pick out an unusual word. Let your poem define that word without ever using the word itself (except perhaps, as the final word in the poem.) You may choose to use the word as your title if that works for you.


It’s always a clashing – chaotic sight … at the traffic light

They honk, they swear … but letting the other car pass is rare

Its always the poor wife’s curse and moan … that fills the addicted man’s home

He doesn’t quit the smoke, the drink … he tosses his life away in a wink

Its always disheartening … to see such examples of our world conflicting

At home, in the streets, anywhere we go … thoughts, words, actions of discord we sow

Its always been the religion, class, color that started it all … it has started mankind’s downfall

I am this, you are that … I said, you said, he said

But the color of our blood that gets into this “argy bargy” is red