As I rise to the occasion

Wings full filling all time, matter and space

to embrace the universe

i dip from the moon’s glow

and caress the milky way’s threshold

to cover her whole land and sea

skies unfold 5 fold

1 – 2 – 3 – 4


water earth air fire


Lover nurturer and Queen

ruler of all things

goddess in the final hour

pride vindicated

like Phoenix out of the ashes

coming to claim

what is already in me

reign supreme

goddess in the infinite hour





Jus gotta find myself…
Its dark and I’m runnin
I feel blinded…but I’m seeing dark
I gotta get em off my back
This deceiving
Me…wonder why I never found the tree
Why I couldn’t eat
Why is it just heart ache and pain left to conceive
Does this make sense
Am I really me
I mean really who I should be
I know my basics but
Who said one plus one is really two
But then they tell you that one joined with one becomes one and not still two
Ha, I don’t know, all I know is what I know and what I know could just be wrong
Yet they tell me it’s okay to know what you don’t know…
I feel like I ain’t got time for none of this
Too many entities wasting my time…is it my time?
What really belongs to me…I have my walls and my seed
My goals and what I believe…but it just won’t let me be so I can live…
False Evidence Appearing Real…
You see four words I see one…FEAR
Not having, never making
Undone, too short
Too long, not enough, just getting to Settle Outside of my Evolution…you just happy wit getting SOME…
When I want it all
I’m still running…seeing dark
Gotta get em’ off me
Shake em’ lose
Did we come here together
I wanna new travel plan

circle 360 full…fuck it just give me my own 90

degrees…make it Fahrenheit, please..



The importance in finding love

is knowing once found it is reciprocated

Yes, reciprocity is the answer key to love

the foundation it is built on and the bridge it crosses over to get to the other side



The memory of you

still fresh on me

thoughts flood my mind with a heavy canter

Horses of different colors always seem to

find their way to me; galloping, tralloping so

swiftly into my space, to the beat of fuckery’s

drums and the bells of disappointment


No noble steeds, stage coach hands at best




The Shake Down

I pushed through the midnight burn

somehow lost my way in the return

never done won’t be held down

sharpening my fingers for the next round

dissapointment my banter and ego taunts me

sleep your dirty mutha@$?!, yea you

got the best of me, kidnapped me from my

freedom and took managed to rob me of my air



The main ingredient has arrived
All eyes on me
What the fuck you looking at
(Fuck you mean)
Bitch you on know me

Im da gatekeeper
(Wont let yo ass in)
Queen of the damned
(Won’t forgive you for your sins)
Goddess of the people
(But I only save my ends)

If I use to know you
Then tell me how I did
Cuz if it ain’t about the money
Negus we ain’t never been friends
(Naw who the fuck you BE)

I’m the kundalini pusher a mediating gangster
I put hexes on your exes and they’ll wish they did you better

The fact
Stick and stones will always break bones
But words
like black lives
Most definitely Matter
They bring you close then draw you in tell stories you might not want to end
It’s what you wanna hear
misleading, instilling fear
Cry for help out in the dark
So there’s never time for the latter


Goddess Hour

I feel the soul stirring in me the rising of ancestry in me the warrior queen in me
That fight till death in me to claim what’s mine in me
I feel the calm of the storm in me that will once again rage against the sea in me
That loud yet subtle voice in me to speak up for what’s right for me
That woman in the darkness for me that blesses matter with life for me that wills light’s manifestation for me
That strength of the universe for me that creates all life for me that stands strong for me and shouts from the mountain tops for me
I feel love for me that one thing that makes everything worthwhile for me.




Like chocolate for water is how i use to remember her. Now all I see is Darkness for light. Love for Anger and hurt by way of pain.


Orishan Love

creator of the finest metals

blacksmith of the universe

Lover of the sweetest of waters

supreme warrior of love and all that is right

crafter of hearts

architect of soul’s blueprint

destined only for me

sun’s shine and moon’s glow

God and Goddess hour of Love

you my Ogun and I your Oshun


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