these walls

I slowly pushed open the door.
The sound of years having passed
cut through the wood.
I crossed the floor slowly
as to not move the room.
Claiming the old wooden chair in the corner,
listening to the stories
only these walls could tell-
Holding the memories time had not taken.
Nothing looks the same.
Was it this place, or I, that has changed


As I place my step gently
I feel debris beneath my feet,
weight on my chest.
Pieces of me scattered on the floor.
To be still.
I hold tightly
each long drawn breath.
It has become more than I could hold.
I let them go.
Better I’ve known.
Without reason for reason had left me.
Left me at a door I could not open with a key
that would have broken in the core.
What I knew was selfless,
yet undone.
I hold shards of words that have left me.
They had froze, fallen to the floor.
the words could not hold weight to gravity anymore.
How reckless.


She once belonged here
The faces she once recognized-
Hesitation turned her shoulder cold
Another look
That space-
She never belonged here at all

In Stars

I write my secrets in the stars

holding hope

one day the constellations

will catch your eye

Leave the words

painted on black canvas

The light to hold all I can not say

If they should fall

place my dreams there

May this longing light the night

This light guide me, find you






In the Elements

I could not be moved
Only consumed
as the wind pushed the air
trapped in my lungs
I could not be moved
The foundation beneath
my boot, dug into the earth
I stand in the fire

take me to the water