Initial Mathathon thoughts

Here is my bio:

Jackie Douglas BIO: Writing as Jenny Olson started her writing journey only recently, as a means to process years of abuse, sex work, and addiction.  It has become her passion and what feeds her soul with joy.  Her hope is that her words make people feel and think.  And that her voice becomes the voice of the women who have walked these paths.

By recent I mean I just started writing poetry in June! I have words that need to come out and my poems are not for everyone they touch the nerves in many who read them.  I have found out that going on age 67 I can still learn new things and start on new paths.  I’m a widow, mother to three, grammie to 5, and have 3 dogs and 2 parakeets.  Life is good and this half marathon is scary and exciting at the same time.  I  and writing now to be a voice for women like me who had their voices taken away or never had a voice, like those who voice whose silenced as a child.  Surviving many of the bad things that happen to women,  I hope others can see there is a future, no matter how old one is.