Hour Twelve: You Have the Power. Now Go Use It

You, you there shrinking back from the light
Have you forgotten your birthright?
The gifts that lie within you, they have
Power to heal, power to set things right.

Now find that voice to say what needs said

Go bravely forward into the day ahead
Use the wisdom only you know
It will light the path you tread.

Hour Eleven: Daydream

Speckles and sparkles and sundust
swirling sometimes, sometimes settling
Portal to a place peace is plentiful
Partnerships promote progress
Harmoniously, harmlessly, helpfully
Humane home

Hour Ten: Bright Side

Hour Ten: Bright Side
Brightsiders are blindsided
when meeting reality
because light and dark
travel side by side

Brightsiders can’t see

the pain in the joy

the loss in the love

the harsh words in the sweet song.

Brightsiders can’t hear

the truth in the warnings

the danger in the air
the storm moving in.

Hour Nine: Stay-at-Home Summer

Hour Nine: Stay-at-Home Summer
The lethargy of heat
Masks strange to our faces
Roaming our cottage like
fireflies zoom in a bottle
Over yet more porridge
We yearn for the treeline.

Hour Eight: Emoji

Hour Eight: Emoji
Hearts of all hues
And eggplants too
Beady eyes watch me frown
One pair even stare from a face turned upside down.

I squint, I mumble,
In a sea of fruit I fumble
What’s on fire? What does this mean?
Tiny figures swim endlessly across my screen.

They’ve come to remind me
That change is never-ending
That the youth bring transformation
And we must embrace their innovation.

Hour Seven: Season of the Unknown

Hour Seven: Season of the Unknown

Timelessness started seeping into homes
The kind you usually only find on planes and in hospital rooms
Days expanding expanding expanding
Then snapping shut, over without warning.

First they didn’t know what
Then where
Then how
Now we wait for when.

Now? Then? Soon? Later? Never? Always?
When dances with its question marks
Mocking our attempts to lasso it
And find its answer.

Hour Six: Ocean View

Hour Six: Ocean View

Clink of china
Duvet sighs to meet tray
Delicate lemon sunshine meets window
Waves wait patiently, sliding back and forth

Bones soften under permission to do nothing
Water removes burdens
Even the sand slows steps, pulling feet with a million warm fingers
Only breeze and crabs and birds and laughter move quickly here

The satisfaction of weariness, clean skin, and dry clothes
Taking that warmth to table, to thick buttery bites
Taking that contentment back to plump duvet and smooth sheets
Curling around memories and floating soft sleep

Hour Five: Journey

Hour Five: Journey

Over under around and through
Between betwixt atop into
Swirl spin roundabout above and out
Hover pause twirling all about

Hour Four: Directions?

….nine, ten, eleven, TWELVE?

Has it been, yes, really, twelve years
Since I last re-discovered your smile
In that flimsy mirror
In a convent, of all places
And you went and snuck away again
Slipped through the cracks of drama days
And overwork
And self-betrayal
And excuses
And fear
That point where the pile of “I should” has been set aside so long it’s composted into shame
That chokes the tongue
And freezes limbs
You’re right there
Impossibly close
Impossibly far
Help me find how to find you

Hour Three: Not Feelin’ Groovy

Not Feelin’ Groovy
Somewhere I slipped
Not free, exactly, just slipped
Out of my groove
Became a stuck drawer
Annoying to wrestle open

Preferring to stay put

(Changes change us)

Contents not shifting
Because there’s been no flight
None of those moments of spaciousness
Of connection
That existed on shiny wooden floors vibrating In sweat-fogged studios
Just missed and missing
In stiff stagnation

(Changes change us)

There’s a twitching at times

These days, just a twinge
Not at all the free flow of before
But maybe a new groove
Of my slower quieter now
Might be available

(Changes change us)

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