Hour Eleven: Undermining

Nothing yodels like hearts betrayed
Except souls betrayed
Why do we deny our self
The cravings we know so true
The nourishment we need
And the deep ease
Inherent in surrender?

Hour Ten: Sun Salutations

   just when the sun kisses ground
I crumple slightly
at the weight of it.
The responsibility of being warmed
and the steady march of night’s footfalls.

Hour Six: Autocorrect

Everything is going far and fast 

Warmly welcome to the next level.
I don’t know what part time and energy play.
Work rebalancing incoming…
the next day we ran a bunch more
about the new.

Hour Five: Tall Tales

At times trees tell tales

Truth stretched thin in branches
Roots spreading the word
Trunk too dense to tell
Till under duress it cracks
Rings records open to all.

Hour Four: Solidity 

Nothing is sturdy that appears so.

Not this table or floor or chair.
Not this hand, not this ground.

Nothing is sturdy that appears so.
The only sturdy things are those unseen
The ones unheard, unmeasured
The truth of deep knowing
The embrace of the divine
And the turn of the Wheel.

Hour Three: Oneness


She could no longer tell if it was
coming out of her or pouring in
All she knew was floods of syrupy gold
tasting like marigolds look
Dissolving into grace.

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