Hour 24. (2019)

you give love a bad name

tempted me in sweet delusions
I did not hinder your intrusions
Twas your love that kept me sane

There’s so much you manipulated
From Heaven to Hell my life deflated
you give love a bad name

Hour 23. (2019)

A child in guided steps will walk

Although there are rules it must obey

Its mind is free, its thoughts unblocked

Till adulthood fits it with great shackles and taketh freedom far away


While the body will not be restrained the soul turns grey and dour

Instead of life, just time will pass, hour after hour

While faceless men take infant’s ken

Begin the process all again

As scurried flocks of beauteous wren

Swirl around their tower

Hour 22. (2019)

Concrete Blocks

Layers upon layers of ancient labor

They have obliterated a history

A cruel history

From which blossoms hope

Hope that envelopes gray in green

Hour 21. (2019)


A koi surveys his pond

From emerald depths

Along the sandy ground

To sapphire heights

Above the surface

It floats freely through the cool streams

Taking in the kaleidoscope of a summer day

Hour 20. (2019)

No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;

A subdued lunatic

Following the bloody riddles

Of his father

Stagnant in grief;

How rigid, yet emotional

How brutal, yet loving

An impossible man,

For one so tortured

Is destined to tear himself apart

Hour 19. (2019)

The sun sits,

like an unexpected visitor

upon my porch and won’t leave

As it brings growth to the pot plants on the balcony


It obscures my view of the bay.

Hour 18. (2019)

Dear Future Son,

I shall always be a cracked mirror

An imperfect rolemodel

Yet I hope that from my mangled complexion

You may take unconditional love

Hour 16. (2019)

Flashing vignettes of post-war, post-regime countryside

From a grey city of hidden color that bleeds history

To timeless tranquility beneath Oaks, two world wars strong,

Within a valley strewn with flowers

Whose scent chases me back into the city

Hour 15. (2019)


Mother Nature sheds one ghastly skin

One of disease and pain and spiritual vandalism

One of love and beauty and poetry

Humanity left as no more than a healing scar on earths grimace

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