Hour 12.

certain endings


steadfast continuation


till the final breath

intermediate slumber

and then forwards

new horizons await


Hour 11.

to and thro
to and thro
like the beating wings of a
morning flight

to and thro without end.

Hour 10.

monotone static of thought
one policy
one opinion
diversity lies
beyond this
never-ending feed
of force fed
like the wine
that trickles from
the lips
like blood
spurred by intellectual poison
cleansing the
dirty hands of
masses away
wiping minds
of pain
of contempt

Hour 9.

Ill met by moonlight
the curious weaver
sets her beckoning traps
she moves gracefully
letting her newly spun tapestry
guide her
towards the other end of the wooden doorway
the web shakes whilst entangling its first victim
its mistress continues her delicate dance
as the other side is reached
she shrieks
as a shadow-hidden creature
much bigger then herself
tears her and her beautiful work

Hour 8.

Howl by Allen Ginsberg

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…”

Walking through the thick woods I

franticly saw

unconcealed the

true naked form of myself best

described as a ugly mongrel awakening only hatred in peoples minds

I followed the trail of

fear and sorrow my

haunting had left me generations

of and destroyed

them by

dispelling my madness

and setting aside my starving

and hysterical

core at last I was no longer naked


Hour 7.

I   forced to forced to forced to crouch the
am conceal grind my poets pen to lurk spit, blood like chains
shattered my muse to dust to avoid clump together

Hour 6.

the ragged cliffs
the ever-changing face of mother aqua
the pearls of her tears
caressed by the sunlight
the smoky canyon,
blanketed briefly by mist
released to the cold touch
of a young breeze
the uniform fields
of infant barley
slowly raising their crowned heads
to greet the early sun

Hour 5.

oh you silent pebble folk

    many a time have I met with you.
by foot
by bike
or  by board
have I visited you in your flowery realm
and beyond you I have gone
to the rock folk
engraved as part of
your surroundings
in the great rock faces that
reach for the sky.
Often too
have I lain beneath
the wise old trees
that shelter all the peoples of the realm
felt their long woven trunks
stumbled upon
their strong
warped roots.
I have seen the rain fall
eagerly consumed by the earth below.
Your provisions are more valuable then all the money in the world:
Peace for the innocent.
Solitude for the experienced.

Hour 4.

oh gods oh gods will you receive me now?
my body broken and my mind torn
my once peaceful existence drowned in the epiphany of madness.
oh gods oh gods will you receive me now?
my Facade ripped away
to reveal my heart, drowning in blood.
oh gods oh gods will you receive me now?
my firm belief reduced to doubt
fearing the falsehood of a million faceless deities, all promising salvation.
oh gods oh gods will you receive me now?
I dismiss you from my mind
for I am helpless in the ruins of my home, as I depart this hellish realm.

Hour 3.

beyond the lantern!
melt away mighty stone!
reveal the eternity of the universe!
seperate me from this monotone instance!
give me LIGHT exempt from darkness!
give me DARKNESS exempt from light!
erase this feeble mind and its vehicle
bound to this permamently diminished view of the world!
bind my soul to
the spiritual lantern!
may it be my guide
to nirvana!
my guide to completion!