I survived!

Fighting sleep,
and restlessness.
i made it through
I struggled
I survived.

There were times when I wanted to give up
and snuggle cozily
in the warmth of my bed.

But I’m not quitter.
I made it!

okay bye Goodnight.

Prompt #24 (The World outside my window j.r.m©)

Sunset hues 
creeping up
to palette the
evening sky.
The Sun
descends in
the distance.

A pandemonium
of parrots
perched high
among the
branches of
the almond tree
are camouflaged  
with the 
color of leaves.
The sun sets:
it’s time 

for them 
to fly back 
to their nests.

While the branches
of the palm tree
are almost
knocking for
permission to
come in
from the window,

they sway
in the gentle
caress of the
wind’s tickle.


Prompt #23 Missing

A wave of Melancholia
washed over me,
drenching all my thoughts .

It was the quiet sorrow 
that destroyed me from within,
tears trickle down.

Zoned out
His voice takes me to a place 
full of tragedy and its beauty.

It compels me to pick
up my pen and word
out every fleeting feeling.

It’s an art the way
he moves you
with the sorrow in his voice.

I miss the way how 
Don McLean can unwrap my soul
and free my spirit and how I swirled
feverishly in circles until I felt dizzy.

The song Vincent Van Gogh
can make the numb hurt again.
It resurrects inexplicable feelings. 


Prompt #22 (Ekphrastic j.r.m©)

her dress hid
velvety secrets.

Bored out of her mind
and out of place
nose in the air 
her gaze settled 
into the distance 
on contemplation.

Her milky complexion
bathed aglow,
her auburn tresses
neatly tied up in a french bow.

Her name was Madame Pierre Gautreau


Poem #21 (Self Doubt j.r.m©)

Are you sure you want to wear this to the party?
What will people think?
I bet they’ll tear you down the minute you walk in.
Gorge you with disgusted and pitiful stares.

You sure you want to really go down this path and dredge up the past from its grave?
Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?
I hate to be the one to say, ”TOLD YOU SO.”

You are good for nothing,
I am the only one who is genuinely frank with you?

What if it doesn’t work?
what are the risks?
What are the repercussions of my actions?
Have you thought this through?

What if no one really buys my book
what if they fail to resonate with my words?
what if they hate it?
what if they don’t approve?
What if I fail?
How will I recover?

Self Doubt is a disease of the mind,
the more you listen to it
the more importance you give it.
Next thing you are acknowledging it,
and are getting influenced.

Self doubt – A destructive way to destroy your individuality.
Tap it out before it taps you out. 


Random Prompt (Death)

Death came as a 
sweet escape
to her in hour of
“Welcome HOME”
read the sign post
on death’s door. 


Prompt #19 (Spaced out j.r.m©)

Dance between the stars

the collision of universes
planets revolve around 
in their orbits never
changing destinations.
infinities are measured
Gravity doesn’t hold
much influence
and you can fly away
or float away
but, so can your shit
and piss.
Space is a beautiful place
to visit but, sadly it isn’t
home for our lungs require
oxygen to survive which
doesn’t exist in space. 
SPACE is the dance 
of celestial bodies 
Where stardust
looks like rain
suspended mid-air.
How divine
so eternal.
Yet untouchable…


Poem #18 (Cloud Mountain j.r.m©)

Heaven descends onto earth
what a view to behold,
marvelous are the ways of mother nature.
So isolated from up above
a taste of heaven and
earth in the same bite
take a big bite,
savor the view 
Standing atop
breathe in the air
let it fill your lungs
with the essence
of where you are standing,
Open your arms wide enough
to embrace the view
to give thanks.
Revere the dancing clouds
surrounding you
floating weightlessly.
As dark clouds loom over 
your dreams suspended
in mid air and gravity can’t
do shit ’bout it…


Poem #17 (Loss of me j.r.m©)

You’re on video call
seeing you sleep 
like a child gives
my heart assurance.
…and even though
your body is giving way
your blooming heart carries you
forward. Your burst of
enthusiasm, your zeal, your passion
is something I have always 
wanted to emulate into
my life but, somehow for 
some reason I just can’t bring 
myself to adopt it in my life.
It’s one of those things 
that I am willing to forego
as my inability, something
that just isn’t etched in my
DNA. I lack the patience
to tolerate the trivialities
of mediocrity, which you do
so effortlessly.

I have realized that being this
close to someone is destructive
for my heart, but I chose you anyway.
You’re 46, I am 28,
The odds are not in our favor
everyone around us is holding a
grudge with their spikes up in the air
ready to attack the foundation
of our relationship.
Sometimes it gets overwhelming
as to how we get dragged into these
petty games. Life has played many a cruel 
joke on you and I, to meet you at this age,
for you, I can only imagine how hard it is 
to rearrange your life at the age you are at, 
To make matters worse there’s the distance 
factor playing a major role in our lives,
9,815 km separates us, yet here we are
stronger than ever. I have found my best
friend in you, You have carved a niche
in my heart, slowly gradually expanding…
vacating the other things that  once occupied
some place in my heart. Things that mattered
before, with much significance have become
utterly insignificant. Yes I know I sound like a
lovesick manic but…. 

what I am trying to say is I have never been afraid 
of death until I met you. 

Loving you is a life long journey
learning first handed the truth 
about love. It’s not all rainbows 
and sunshine. Love will break you
before it teaches you about its nature. 

You mean the world
and losing you would mean the end 
of me.


Poem #16

my current situation in words fighting the urge to sleep.
the struggle is real.

Hold on 
frail heart
we’re almost at the finish line.

The light at the end of the tunnel
is just in vision’s perception.

Don’t measure the miles to cover
or cower under the pressure
or give into sleep…

You may rest your weary head 
at the end,
the end is near
the end is upon us,
don’t measure the distance
simply put one foot in front of the other. 


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