Finish line

img Lance Grandahl
I made it to the finish line.
I conquered sleep 
and fatigue.
I have my coffee to thank for mainly 
putting in most of the effort.

I made it, 

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

PROMPT #24 Delicate Brutality.

Delicate Brutality
You breathe purpose into this broken heart. 
Your love is healing 
it is in my blood. 
I can feel you in the air tonight. 
You shook me up 
woke me up 
my restless heart beats only for you. 

Save me from this restlessness. 
Help me from this hopeless desire. 
Every breath you take 
is love breathing air into my lungs. 

Your love is infectious 
like a viral coming over, 
I feel it with an aching desire 
to get to know you more.

You planted roses 
and now I am breathing just fine. 
I become one with the thorns, 
I ignite in your passion.
I am love, I am delicate brutality.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

img Alisa Olaivar

Prompt#23 Carefree days

I came into this world with a bang.
 On a stormy Thursday afternoon, 
     the trains stopped working, 
        the roads were flooded,
          I came into this world with 
5) the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.

I loved food.
   I still do, no one had to coax me to finish eating.
    I loved eating mud, 
     and drinking soda
10) stuffing my face with chocolates .

I was a chatterbox
  I still am 
   I loved swings and merry go rounds. 
     oh I could never get enough... 
15) Hopscotch was my favorite.

My favorite thing about my childhood
 my mother pampering me with cuddles 
   my grandfather smuggling the tasty goodies 
    and sitting on his back as if I had 
20)set out to conquer the world.

Nana rose was the best
 she let me be
    she let me grow 
     and explore.
25) never holding me back.

These are some of the Precious things I hold dear.
Carefree running wild, full of laughter and uncomplicated childhood.  

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

Prompt #22 Autumn

Leaves are ripe 
with the colors of fall.
Vibrant hues of fiery red, 
electric orange, 
and calming yellow...
death looks so divine in 
this quaint little town. 

Rows and rows 
endless rows of 
Maple trees, 
Leaves rustle on 
The air is crisp.

It's the arrival of autumn
and preparation for winter 
that makes it so spectacular.

Walking down the
concrete sidewalk
Nature's canvas
A beautiful red carpet lay.
-of fallen dried maple leaves  

Autumn the best time of the year,
where nature sheds her metaphors 
to bring to light the simplicity of 
the circle of life. 
-Janice Raquela Mendonca

img – Jakob Owens

Prompt #21 Faithful Friend


My furry friend
my faithful companion
my playmate
my guardian.

You were always brave, 
with those expressive eyes 
you'd always manage to get your way.
Even when caught red handed...
Oh what simple pleasures
satisfied you, 
playing fetch,
Taking long walks in Albert Park
digging in the backyard 
and hiding the bones.
And how you'd clean my plate up
and eat my veggies for me.
You were such a good boy.
How you'd wag your tail
to express your excitement
upon my arrival from school.
How you planted those adorable 
big wet kisses upon my face. 

My true partner in crime. 
You will always be my little boy.

My golden sun, 
My brightest days, 
My little boy.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca 

img by Celine Sayuri Tagami


Prompt #20

This one here is probably the most shittiest one I have attempted
There will be time, there will be time,
Time is generous,
Time is thoughtfully spared
-to meet the person who beholds the face,
to keep up appearances. and
manages aquaintances.
There will be time to destroy and re-create,
Time for you and time for me,
Time for all.
And time for a hundred indecisions,
and doubts to cloud judgments.
Time to face the consequences…
And for a hundred visions and revisions.
Before we set sail
to far away places.
T.S Elliot

Prompt #19 Heightened Sensitivity – A Collaboration with Numb -Prompt #4

Prompt #4 Numb

Prompt #4 Numb

image by poetry marathon

Dead from the inside 
I am numb.
A complete shut down
unresponsive to the external.
Immovable, life wasting away.
Tired eyes and hungry heart
all dead in a row.
No thirst to quench
no dreams to conquer
powerless in one way
powerful in another
- nothing affects me.

Nothing to lose,
no fear, no feelings, 
no attachment, no sorrow, 
Just the bottomless pit 
of nothingness -encroaching.
Overtaking... overcoming...
infectious and familiar
It feels comfortable, 
I am doomed anyway, 
Damned if I do,
Damned if I don't.

Hopelessness looms 
like a shadow. 
Wasted life, 
Wasted years,
The Pointlessness of the point,
at the edge of reason 
and lingering disappointment.

Far from any harm,
removed and isolated
detached and unemotional, 
I let that shit go. 

Only to dive deep
Head first into the chaos of living.
The madness of emotions.
The passage through life.

I am waking up,
Undoing these chains 
that have held me down 
for far too long.
I am becoming human.
I am living. 

I open the doors 
and let it surge.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca 

Heightened Sensitivity


The flood gates burst forth

Let them in
Life so consumed 
Crowded by so many things
waiting to be felt, 
Waiting for some sort of response.

Smack dab in harms way
involved and participated.
So many emotions 
which should I feel
Indecisiveness takes over. 

I want to break free
I want to let go
but I can't escape.

I want to become invincible, 
I want to become powerful.

I am human, 
I am not perfect.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

Prompt #18 Dear Death,

Dear Death, 
How have you been?
it's been a while
have you come to collect some souls?

It's not my time yet...
but, while you're still here...
Join me for a strong coffee
I imagine your work must be killing - no pun intended .

img – DDP
Tell me what does dying feel like?
Where do you take the souls of the dead?
Does time wear you down like it does the living? 
Do you have a soul?

If given the chance to be anything other than death 
what would you chose to be?  

-Janice Raquela Mendonca 

Prompt #17

Wild child,
with dandelion dreams
painting clear skies 
with dandelions 
floating mid air
suspended in divinity 
making wishes come true. 

Wild child with a wild heart
so open 
so raw
so vulnerable
so pure.

So full of love 
and kindness
it's almost infectious.
Tender heart 
wild child 
wishing upon dandelions.

here's to hope.
here's to you.

-Janice Raquela Mendonca



Prompt #16

A long hard road,
lay ahead of me.
I didn’t know how long it was,
I didn’t know when it would end.
So I kept walking through the forages
cutting past my doubts
facing my fears,
all the while
Dealing with the reality of the situation.
That nobody could save me,
Only I could save myself
The truth was, I was all alone.

Paranoia preyed at my sanity
shaking the roots of everything I believed in…
I started questioning myself
hoping the answers would appear.

But it didn’t happen like that way.
I fought tooth and nail
and hard for myself.
But,sometimes that too wasn’t enough.

It was cold and unforgiving,
Treacherous …
My body started caving in,
My mind still focused.

img Davide Foti


I kept moving on,
even when I didn’t have
the strength in my legs to walk
I crawled….
Trained my eyes
to look for the light
at the end of the tunnel.

Until one day a
glimmer of light
caught my eye.
I focused all my energy
towards the light,
Before I knew it,
the ordeal was over.

I survived!
I made it out alive!

-Janice Raquela Mendonca

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