Prompt14 (2014 hour 14 )

Prompt for Hour Fourteen

Write a poem from the third person perspective about something that happened to you personally.

You see…
She tends to internalize every emotion.
Latches on, relates at a deeper level than you and me.
She is a highly sensitive soul.

You got to be gentle with her,
She breaks easily.
Her beautiful heart is an ocean of emotions.

She has compassion and empathy overflowing,
some may take advantage of that.
She is vulnerable but immensely strong.

She can read vibes and energy and words don’t fool her.
She hates small talk and will get straight to the matter of it.

The counselor explained-

Prompt 13 (2014 #prompt13)

Prompt for Hour Thirteen

Write a poem with no visual imagery in it whatsoever. Instead rely on your other 4 senses to pull the poem along.


Your body feels like an oil painting to touch.
You’re an art baby.
There are stories and secrets hidden in the crevasses of your imperfections.

When I kiss your lips your breath smells like freshly brewed coffee and sourdough.

Your voice is soothing and calming like a river.

I just want to dive in your essence.

Prompt #12 internal bleeding

When the one you love is hurting, you are hurting as well.

And want to take their pain away by any means necessary

only to realize that it’s their battle and their decision,

you can’t fight their battles for them.

You can only love them through it.

That’s what internal bleeding feels like.

Prompt #11 (2014 Prompt)

Prompt for Hour Eleven

Half Marathoners are entering the end stretch and Marathoners are approaching the half way point. Hopefully everyone is doing well and writing a lot of poems.

The prompt for hour eleven is to write a poem about someone, but to break the poem up into ten short numbered parts. Not all the parts have to be explicitly about the person, some can describe there dress and behavior, others can make more obscure references to their style of speech. The details are entirely up to you.

Humble and hardworking
Terese -gentle soul.

Always greets others
with a warm smile.

She doesn’t have much.
She lives within her means.

She loves her tea with biscuits
and loves all things vintage.

She limps because of her bunions
you can tell they are a pain in the way she walks.

Terese- my friend and my neighbor
mother figure.

She doesn’t like shopping and
prefers wearing hand me downs which she still carries elegantly.

She speaks country Aussie
and devours books on British royals and novels.

Her garden always looks immaculate
something I envy about her.

Her walk is tired, her shoulders dropped.
Her hair is always unmade.
but she’s fit as a fiddle even for 76.

She calls me lovie and is so endearing.
She will send me a note in my mailbox to fix a date tea time.

Terese doesn’t own a mobile phone
nor does she have the internet.
She’s pretty old fashioned that way.

She keeps active and has a social circle
she loves her tennis and walks.

On Sundays she has all her sons over
she cooks up quite a storm to feed her 4 hungry boys.

Prompt #10 – 2014 prompt hour 10

Prompt for Hour Ten

Write a poem focused on location. Instead of just focusing on describing that location (be it a house, a car, a lake, a mountain), try and frame it in terms of a story or an idea.

Against a landscape of snow covered mountains,
lost in the mist in the far distance.
Unforgiving Winter is here for while,
and has made it itself comfortable
by covering the pine trees in frost and snowfall.

Set against this wintry chill of a scenery
alight with warmth in the front porch
this cozy wood cottage was home to a family.

A pond close by
the beauty and the bleak
encapsulated the essence
of unforgiving beauty.

Prompt #9 Coffee Anthem (2014 Prompt) This was a real challenge

This hour your challenge is to write a poem about coffee . Although there is one tiny catch. You can never use the words coffee, beans, black, milky, cafe, or caffeine in this poem. You must convey the idea of coffee, of drinking it, without ever mentioning these words.

Obviously, this is a little tricky. If you want to write a first draft containing these words, go right ahead. But then you must edit them out.

The challenge of this prompt is to convey something without stating it. It is also fun to challenge one’s mind to use new and different language to describe something you encounter everyday, even if you don’t drink it yourself.


A perfect blend of hopes and dreams,
My shot of energy during the day,
My cup of opportunity in the morning
You make me feel like I can take on anything the world throws at me…
Hitting all the right notes
you are so good to me.

My day doesn’t begin without you in my system.
A cup or two to get me through the pile of workload.

You make the impossible, possible.

You are my power savior.

Prompt #8 Reading Books

She escaped into her world of books.
Where the words she reads
are the same thing she needs to hear.

She finds comfort as the words blanket
her hungry heart with a cup of tea.
Reading brought her joy.

She devours story after story
in search stories to live in
-for the moment.

Reading – her only escape from reality.

Prompt #7 (2014 prompt)

Title a poem as you would start a letter with Dear “insert name here”, then go on to write a poem to the person whose name you used. That person could be real or fully imagined. The contents of the poem could contain truth or fiction, but you must keep in mind the duel nature of this poem, it is a letter as well as a poem.

Dear Nadine,

I love you with all my heart.
I appreciate you and your friendship
The times we shared -I truly cherish.
The memories we made
will always be in my heart -unforgettable.
I will never forget
how comfortable you made me feel in your presence.
And how you always had my back.
You were my true friend.
I love how we’d be able to pick things up where we left them.
Thank you for contributing towards my growth.
Thank you for being part of my life.

Times have changed
we find it hard to catch up for months on end.
I don’t harbor any hard feelings towards you.
We have sort of drifted apart,
yet I feel connected to you
with the friendship we once shared.

I wouldn’t say you’re a stranger
I still love you
and wish you the best in life.
It’s just that I never imagined our friendship
would come to this.
This space where finding the time to talk would get so difficult.
The silence between us is awkward.
I guess this is the end of the road for us.

We must part ways.
As much as I didn’t want to accept it,
I am, in this moment, writing to you.
Farewell Special one.

Prompt #6 Empty (2014 prompt)

Prompt for Hour Six

Use the following image to inspire your next poem.

Take me to a place in time
where I was a different person.

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror
it’s been way too long since I have felt
comfortable in my skin.
It doesn’t fit me anymore.

My mind is empty
Running dry of stimulus
it can’t keep up.
I am so afraid.
I feel trapped
I want to reach out for help.

You see me
but do you hear my cries?

I am burning in this fire of despair.
I have nowhere to run.

Prompt #5 Death (2014 Prompt)

Death is the theme of many poems and the preoccupation of many poets. Still after all this time poets are churning out new and intriguing approaches to death in poetry.

The goal of this prompt is to write a poem about death. The death you write about could be imagined, personified, personal, true, or false. The details of this prompt are entirely up to you.


The idea of dying scares me.
It haunts me in my dreams and nightmares
It feels so final and certain.

Where do we go from there?
or hell?
or do we just disintegrate into the soil?

I am not ready to die…
I am never going to be ready for death

A certain uncomfortable feeling
settles over me as I struggle to
grapple with what death personally means to me.
Expressing my emotions about death
is somehow very difficult as I am at a loss for words.
I haven’t acknowledged death
or even its eventuality.

I’ll try as hard as I can
to write something on death
I guess..

Death is
-Devoted and patient.

Death is
-a welcomed relief to the suffering.

Death is
-a one way street.

Death is
-the celebration of life.

Death is
-sometimes so sudden

only takes, it never gives.