8 pm Poem

The Move

New adventures

A chance to start fresh

A walk down memory lane

As you pack up one stage

To begin another


Hope for a better life

More opportunities and a brighter outlook

A welcoming community of old friends

A place to call home

7 pm Poem


Tail wagging

Face pushed against the bars

Eager to sniff

Eager to lick

Eager to please

Paws out –

Nice to meet you

Ears perk up to hear

” I want this one!”

Cage opens

I can take my new friend home

6 pm Poem

Autobiography of a Face

Eyes that still gleam

With the memories of all they’ve seen

Lips that still smile

Even after all this while

Lines across the forehead

From years of worry

Crows feet at the eyes

From years of laughter

Marks and scars

Hard won in battle

The face reveals

The secrets of its life

5 pm Poem

Writer’s Life

Words fly across the page

Images brought to life

Thoughts ramble

Meanings jumble

Words fly across the page

Setting characters free

Heroes and villians

Friends and foes

Fleshed out in prose

Words fly across the page

Heart and soul pouring out

For all to see

For all to critique

Words fly across the page

The writer’s life


4 pm Poem

Need vs Want

We want more money

We need more compassion

We want the latest gadgets

We need more love

We want only what is best for us

We need more empathy

We want the coolest car

We need more inclusion

We want luxury

We need more tolerance


Imagine a world where

We focused not on what we want

But what we need

3 pm Poem

Visions of Color

Magnificent orbs bob up and down

Splashes of vibrant hues






Held aloft with delicate silver ribbons

In one swift move

Children release the strings

Filling the sky with color

Sending their wishes to Heaven

2 pm Poem

secret garden

Secret Garden

A special place all my own

Dreams fly free

Cares flow gently away

Senses renewed

Body Relaxed

Purpose awakened

A place of peace and tranquility

My secret garden

1pm Poem

The Butterfly

Wings flutter

Basking in the sun

And the flowers’ sweet perfume

Bright spots –

Hidden beauty now exposed

The butterfly emerges from her cocoon

12 pm Poem


Meet cute

Meet cute again

Love at first sight (or second)



Hand holding

Stolen kisses

Sweet caresses

Lazy mornings

Date nights

Soul mate

My true romance

11 am poem

The Fisherman

The fisherman sits in his boat

On the hunt

For what, he isn’t sure




The water gently rocks him

As he contemplates his journey

Looking back, he tries without success

To remember why he started

All those years ago

All he knows

Is it’s in his blood

It is who he is