Summer weather

Dark blue clouds in the sky
Drops of summer rain in my eye
No need to ask why

Weather is decided
And we look above
Hoping that God will show us love

And favor the fruits of our labor

Or we hope we will be spared
From the edges that the water dared

Believing that we have favor
In this life and moments to savor

Life takes care of us and we don’t know
We are rich in ways the land doesn’t show.

With promises of what will be provided
Whenever the weather is decided


Don’t fight with me
About country music

In the rain or shine
You don’t wanna cross that line

With me
It is party music

Just not your party

You don’t eat peaches
Don’t sleep under the tree

Don’t fight with me

Southern women

Loud and southern and tattooed
Is the ladies I’m surrounded by

They are possessive and matronly
Some had kids when they were kids

Some will have kids soon
Some piss in the yard

Expect to spent money
On a fuckin’ boat

Menthol and vodka sweat
And a one piece bathing suit

Rio plays and nobody dances
But they like Bowie on Facebook

Such is my life through beer number eight
But a life surrounded with southern women is always great.

Beer four

Beer number four and poem number eight.
To hell with it, I’m feeling great

It’s still hotter than hell
But it’s okay cause I fell

Into the pool
Where it was cool

Away from the heat
And I had a seat

The water and the man in it was so fine
My wife is lucky that she’s mine

Off I go to beer number five
Steaming towards the next poem when I come alive

First beer

So starts the day of drinking beers
And the melting of all of my fears

Where will my bravery take me?
Of which inhibitions will the suds shake me?

At the moment it feels like I’ll be fine
And maybe I’ll have a glass of wine

Or maybe I’ll stick to the brew
Until my drinking is through

Maybe a shot of liquor
But I’ve started with beer so I’ll never be sicker

Responsibilities and inhibitions cast aside
Come along with me on this ride

Follow this exploits of this fool.
I’m cracking beer #3 by the pool


Afternoon naps are sometimes the best
Time to get up and get on with the rest

There’s fun to be had
And memories to be made

It’s time to be glad
There’s games to be played

High Noon Decision

High noon and hungry
Hot as hell

Open a beer without being judged?
Is anyone watching?
Who would tell?

Who wants to know?
Who would care?

The folks at the bar?
I have friends that are there.

Have one for me!
It’s never too early!
Let down your hair!

I’m a party waiting to happen.
Like the storm clouds in the sky.

Maybe I should open a beer
And not worry about the why.

First some food, that’s the ticket.
Then some rest.

So that when I party, I’ll be at my best.
Should the storm clouds open, well!

I’ll say the party never stopped, even as the rain fell!

Too much

Twenty ounces is too much soda
Or drink or pop or coke
Whatever you call it

There was a time that twenty wasn’t
When I was young and dumb and thirsty

These days it’s just too much for me
Belly full and aching and tender

My mouth is a sugary wasteland
Caramel colored and foul tasting

I’ve learned my lesson this time I swear.

Twenty is too much soda for me.
Or drink or pop or coke.

Strangers on the highway

The highway is gray and humming below
And the world is passing my window.

A world I don’t know, but exists all the same
People I don’t know by face or name

They don’t notice me, or they don’t let it show.
I’ll never learn who they are, this much is so.

I’m not above nor under the people I pass
Not in the physical or even in class

We are all the same on the highway called life.
It’s my prayer that the stranger’s path is free from strife.

And the road stays clear
Free of danger or fear.

Morning lament

I keep four in my wallet all the time
In case my head hurts when I’m trying to rhyme

So here I walk trying to be creative
And form clever words that people find relative

And that familiar ache is creeping in
That reminds me of beer soaked Friday night sin

I’ll dial it back next time and have some restraint
So that perhaps I can avoid this Saturday morning complaint

How I hope there’s a corner store near
So I can toss back a Goodys and maybe chase it with a beer.