One Small Step

A Senryu


One Small Step



With just one step, you may find

destiny or death.



A Pantoum




Tower of Babel

As high as the eye could see


Never say, “Never.”


As high as the eye could see

Just put one foot in front of the other

Never say, “Never.”

Don’t quit when others say, “Why bother?”


Just put one foot in front of the other


Don’t quit when others say, “Why bother?”

Tower of Babel

A Common Saying Holds True

A Common Saying Holds True


A Pensee



Just look around.

Forget about the clutter.

Know you are loved no matter what.

Home is where the heart is.




As I lie exhausted on the couch,

I dwell in slovenly comfort

During the final hours

Of another satisfyingly

frustrating day.

I know not every task was completed,

Yet something was checked off

The never-ending

“To-Do” list of life.

I find comfort around me

And think,

“Home is where the heart is.”

Clothes strewn on the floor.

Books piled in every nook.

Dog curled on my lap.

TV murmurs in the background.

Kids stomping the stairs.

Dishes stacked precariously.

Mismatched socks seeking lonely shoes.

Toys in every corner.

Wife reading in her favorite chair.

My coffee cup in hand.

I exhale and let the day fall from my shoulders.

I have found comfort in the clutter.

Wake Me Up Before You Go

Wake Me Up Before You Go


Heat radiates from your body

I caress the soft curves of your porcelain skin

You make my heart quicken with desire

I’m mesmerized by the fullness of your body

Your aroma exhilarates my senses

My lips caress your curves eagerly

Anticipation of our ecstasy is unbearable

I embrace you just to feel your touch

I promise to never let you go

I drink in your loveliness

I whisper your name softly…



Ode of Coffee

Ode to Coffee


Cup after cup standing as one

Their aroma offering solitude among the chaos,

The grinder growls without solace;

In the coffeehouse the sacred beans


Roast, of life the sacred ritual

To the morning routine of work;

Then driven onward towards the final drop

Of caffeine to their salvation in the last sip,

They seek the semblance of consciousness.




Patsy Cline once said,

“I go out walkin’ after midnight.”

But my parents always warned me,

“Nothing good happens after midnight.”

So, now I am paranoid.

I often think Christopher Walken

will appear out of nowhere,

so suddenly I’m in a movie

where everyone ends up dead

walking the earth forever

as a zombie in search of his next meal.

Nothing good happens

walkin’ after midnight.

Stay home and save yourself.

You never know.

It might just happen.


Baseball: The Surrogate Father


Baseball is a surrogate father.

Every piece of advice

which I expound to my children –

that goes in one ear and out the other –

gets reinforced

every Saturday

for three hours

on the baseball diamond

after the umpire calls,

“Play ball!”


As I stand at the fence

and shovel peanuts into my mouth,

I can hear Terrance Mann whisper,

“The movie got it wrong, you know.”

I nod my head in agreement and reply to no one,

“Don’t need to build it, kids will play anywhere.”

Together we blurt out,

“And the parents will drive them! Fools!”


After the fat lady finally sings,

we stop at 7-Eleven for a Slurpie

before making our way home.


After replaying the game

for mom,

I have a date

washing the kid’s uniforms

knowing I’m never, ever

getting those grass stains

out of the knees.


I just hope my children



the joy and frustration

this game has taught them

about life

as they grow old.




During the midnight hour,

After the world has gone to sleep,

Just be still and listen.

Listen to your heart.

Let your mind run.

Pick up that pencil.

Let it chase the paper.

Savor each word written.

Feel the euphoria.

One poem finished.

Another begins.

Playing It Safe

A Tanka


Playing It Safe


During the chaos,

Books were the best medicine.

Neil Gaiman once said,

“Books were safer than other

people anyway.” So true!

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