Nothing but Sleep

The nothingness took over my consciousness.

I was not standing.

Haze overtook my eyes so I could not see.

I could only see blurs.

Thoughts ran through my mind.

I might be alseep.


Misty Mountain

Misty mountains in the morning dew.

Shine the light of the sun and the moon.

Majestic and strong.

Even when we are gone.


Lullaby sing so sweet.

Stop crying and just meet.

I know you wanna eat.

You are so sweet.

If the only thing you wanna do is meet.

So just eat.

Little Light

Glowing bright through the night.

Not near or far like a beacon.

You can see the outline from the light.

All because it has begun.

Clear Water

Crystal clear.

Sparkling, and glittery.

Cool and tasteless.

Life-giving and precious.

Half Clear Sky

It rained on one side and on the other the sun shown.

It was like the party itself it looked pretty but tension grew.

Even though it cleared up it was not the same.

When it ended tension did not leave it was just hiding.

My Hands are Typing

Typing on the computer I can feel them moving by themselves.

First, they say a word then a sentence than a few together.

I hope it comes out well my hands worked hard for this.

They are talented even with the critiques.

Keep going you are almost done.


Heart flutters.

Tightness controls.

Can’t think about anything but you.

Long time not eating although simple it is more complex.

Trying to Type

I write things: typing and typing.

My mind is blank.

I try to get it to ring.

My stomach sank.

I am not sure what to bring.

I grab a pencil or pen.

Doodling and random words.

I like the look of them.

My words became alive.

I created something that was mine.

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