An art of it’s own

Mandala skies, shades of blue, purple and green. Paisley stars are painted over the mountains. As above so below the roots of the pine are meant to grow
In the shape of DNA
Everything is connected
It’s just beautiful
Seeing geometric
It’s a useful tool
Be open to new perspective
Listen and learn
And earn
Be at peace with all
Self control is a must
And even when you fall
you still need to trust

Spreading the word

I am the poet that leaves words in the garden
A butterfly lands on my creation
It sees “hugs make you live longer”
It flys to places and whispers it to all
The winds carry the words to the sea
And creatures swim creating waves that sing
The melody says “hugs make you live longer”

What’s left

My elementary school was tore down not long after I went to middle school. The magnolia tree that I practically lived in back then is also gone. My neighbors disappeared and then their house was tore down too. These structures had very much life left to live. Why do things get wiped away and forgotten? The mandala effect is another similar feeling. You ever get a feeling as if you’re connected to something else, something bigger. It’s unexplainable and frustrating. It’s like my heart knows that something isn’t right about it all. There’s gotta be someone out there that understands. It’s like my past has been completely erased. It makes me feel insanely alone. It’s also a feeling of uncertainty, like I have no idea why this has happened but it’s definitely to cover up something else. If I knew the truth it would probably make me sick. Who knows?


Running from the truth
Because it hurts
Please just choose
To put yourself first
Hiding from the lies
The damage is done
My heart cries
We’re not having fun
Back and forth
Lacking stability
We are worth
The possibility
No sparing feelings
No actions from spite
Just new beginnings
Do what feels right
Look into yourself
Listen as the soul sings
Ask for help
But no running

Who cares if life pushes us two steps ahead and then ten steps back? As long as we’re walking together, hand in hand, I don’t care where we end up because being with you feels like home and all the places I’ve never been all at once. I love the way we hold each other together when we are falling to pieces.

Ms Henry, my very first teacher. Kindergarten is like a blur. All I remember is her. She loved me like a mother loves her first born child. There’s no collection of memories at recess or lunch, I don’t know what I learned. I can tell you how I felt though. I felt compassion, affection, attention. In first grade, Ms Henry was my teacher again. I felt so loved that I believed she chose to teach first grade just for me. I never saw her again. In second grade, I needed her. I never got to say thank you, for nurturing me when I needed it the most.

104 clover leaves

I sat in the grass
Hoping to find
A way to bring you back
So one of a kind
I searched for answers
In the sky
Tiny dancers
Shed the light
I found 26 four leaf clovers
And composed them into art
Our story isn’t over
It’s just begun to start
26 letters in the alphabet
Each letter showing I choose you
I knew from the day we met
That what we have is true
104 green leaves
Against my favorite color
Forgive me please
You’re like no other
I showed up at your dad’s place
With high hopes you’d choose me too
It was God’s grace
That brought me to you
Love is forgiveness
A peaceful home
We are so blessed
To no longer roam
To roam indecisive
Without your other half
Makes it hard to give
And forget the past
Baby we did it
We chose to dedicate
I’ll never quit
On a love so great

The care coordinator

Slugs slithering up the front door
8 cats meowing for more
Mosquitos dancing for a bloody cure
And my feet are on the floor
Tired of standing
Strong I will be
Life is demanding
It’s so hard to see
I am fragile
Handle with care
I can feel
Even if it’s not there
Deeply empathetic
I’ll touch your soul
No time to regret it
Just reaching the goal
The goal is to love
And to be loved
Soaring above
The part that’s rough
Take my hand
I’ll take you there
The magical land
Free of despair

Everything good is bad. Everything lost was had. Everything happy gets sad. And everyone deserves a dad. I got a ways to go. But I’ll never know. Until I fully grow. From the seeds that I chose to sow. I am everything. Everything is nothing. A lovely paradox parade. Come sail away on the float of curiosity. It didn’t kill the cat.

Eyes of lace on a stained glass face

We’re rolling down the windows tonight, moon shining bright, everything’s gonna be alright, cage the elephant said “something don’t feel right, I’m tuning out the music to tune into me, a poem from within can be so hard to see. The depth of my art, comes apart, in pieces of my heart. The fragments are perfectly in place, an abstract face, with eyes that see through kaleidoscope lace.

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