3 AM Pancakes – Hour Twenty-Four

3 AM Pancakes

I’ve grown so accustomed to you being there
I can no longer sleep when you’re not
In fact, here I am with my 3 AM pancakes
Alone and unable to sleep
It’s funny that years of sleeping alone
So normal and now foreign and odd
But that’s how you’ve changed things and that’s A-OK
Because memories are better with you
Even if not together, pancakes are our forte
And I would not change anything
They still bring you closer to me, in their goodness
Even if it is in the late pre-dawn hours
For even that early, we’ll always have pancakes
Take that, Paris lovers, abound
You can have Paris, I’d rather have pancakes
And sweet bonding time spent with you
For even if away, in different locations
Pancakes over Zoom keeps you near
And of that, I’d change little, except your location
For it’s pancakes and you, I hold dear

Stolen Heart – Hour Twenty-Three

Stolen Heart

I have stolen the heart there within you
You were likely saving it for somebody better
Forgive me, but I do not regret it
It is something I hold very dear
And I do not plan on returning

Toddler – Hour Twenty-Two


She loved three things alone:
Peanut butter, cheeseburgers
And chocolate milk

She dislikes three:
Vegetables, clean up
And bedtime

And she’s just like me

Homecoming – Hour Twenty-One


As angelic lights summon me home
I am welcomed by those that I love
No more am I destined to roam
While my solace comes from above

I am welcomed by those that I love
Their warmth brings incredible ease
While my solace comes from above
My faith has me down on my knees

Their warmth brings incredible ease
No more am I destined to roam
My faith has me down to my knees
As angelic lights summon me home

Destination Unknown – Hour Twenty

Destination Unknown

I hopped in the car, destination unknown
I had no direction in view
I took off in the morning, for a break from the chaos
But where I was headed, no clue

Many choices before me – Air, land or sea
And whether north, south, east or west
The road guiding and deciding my choice
Figuring that the road always knows best

I changed course several times
As I witnessed great oceans, small hills and plateaus
Each stop, I saw the world at its prime
Kissed by the sun’s radiant glow

I knew not what I wanted
What I needed found me
I was grateful for this little whim
For I had uncovered much joy in the spree
That led me to hear nature’s hymn


Storm – Hour Nineteen


Salty air blows around in circles
The breeze picks up seaweed from sand
The current reacts to the gusts
By crashing to the shore
Seafoam swirls the rocks
Shells dig in deep
Safe from harm
Black clouds

Lost in Oblivion – Hour Eighteen

Lost in Oblivion

This digital age has become an undoing
Of communication and of common sense
Whole words whittled down to mete fragments of lingo
And at youthful minds own expense
The kids of today have lost their direction
Eyes deeply buried into their phones
To where many don’t know how to make conversation
Staying trapped in their tech all alone

I have heard of some that have walked into traffic
Without even batting an eye
Not aware of surroundings or risking tomorrow
With no clear answer as to why
The phone use may be a clear sign of addiction
A pandemic within its own right
For safety concerns are evermore apparent
In each downloaded gigabyte

There once was a time when a stream was where fish swam
And viruses were only the flu
Where smishing sounded but akin to a gurgle
And humanity still had a clue
Technology has brought us many an advantage
But each forward step is one back
And sadly, the youth of today are the victims
Of common sense’s great cyber attack

Life Passes Quickly – Hour Seventeen

Life Passes Quickly

Life passes so quickly
So try not to blink
For as sure as you do
Time shall fly in a wink
One moment, a baby
A newborn of need
Then blink, now a graduate
Ready to succeed

Life passes so quickly
Where do the years go
Each year they fall faster
Than December snow
One moment, it’s Christmas
Blink – Fourth of July
It slips to the future
So do not ask why

Life passes so quickly
Our time a mere flash
A mere fleeting hour
We forge a mad dash
A rush to the finish
An impact where we will
For if one thing is certain
Time will never stand still


I’m One with the Shore – Hour Sixteen

I’m One with the Shore

I am most at peace when
I’m one with the shore
Whether swimming or fishing
Or there
I find great release
When I open the door
To letting nature take the lead
I’m one with the shore
With a chair in the sand and
A pole with a line dangling near
The fun in the sport of catch and release
The chase and the hunt I hold dear
I’m one with the shore
When I walk all alone
The silence clearing out my thoughts
No hassle, no phone, no distractions, no loss
Just the sand that I strive to impress
Life can be unnerving; commitments so daunting
Sometimes it’s best to get away
When I find my voice, yet again, it’s quite certain
It’s best when married to the shore

Moving On – Hour Fifteen

Moving On

We will never see eye to eye
Our differences too great
It makes no sense to question why
It would make us irate
It may be sad; we may have tried
But it’s just not worth our troubles
We’re better off our separate ways
In our respective bubbles

I’ve tried to see your point of view
As you’ve tried to see mine
And yet, neither you nor I will budge
From our hard driven line
And with that said, we’ll part our ways
To each his own, they say
Windows may open with closed doors
Come the end of the day

I’ve no regret debating you
We both have held our own
But now’s the time to move ahead
And change our tongues and tone
I wish you peace, I wish you well
May you find what you speak
Let this be but a lesson learned
to think before you speak.

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