I’ll Never Give Up on You

You’ve loved and lost
You’ve been broken and hurt
You’ve lived elation and doubt
You’ve seen and done it all
I know some days, you struggle
The bad outweighs the good
And you feel lost in outer space
Thinking you’re misunderstood
But, through it all, I’m always here
And here, I’ll always be
Your heart is ever kept with mine
I hold it safely near
I’ll hold it tighter when you are hurt
Or riddled by unspoken fear
Our love is forever in the making
Tis meant for all my days
And with that train of thought in mind
I’ll be here always
I’ll see you through the pain and doubt
I’ll cheer you with the highest praise
But most importantly of all
I will never give up on you
You mean to much in my life
Without you, I’m not whole
You’ve left your footprints on my heart
Etched in concrete, paved with love
So even if you’re riddled in doubt
Take this one to your grave
I’ll be here forevermore
And I’ll never leave your side
We’re in this thing together
Good or bad and right or wrong
Because through it all, we’re what matters
And that, we’ll always be

Standing Alone

In this life, I’d rather stand alone
Than next to people that hide
In the shadow of their insecurity
My heart is true and beliefs strong
I’ve a strong sense of wrong and right
But, if acting on my beliefs
Means I must stand alone, so be it
Complaining, whining and not acting
This changes nothing
Actions speak louder than words
By acting on my beliefs, I know
Change can and often does occur
Is it brave to stand alone – sure
But, I would do it each and every time
Regardless of the friends it may cost me
In the long run, I’ll rest well at night
My heart will know peace
Nothing else matters besides that

I Miss Our Talks

You have been gone almost six months
And I find this unreal
In that short time, you’ve missed so much
I still struggle to heal
I think of you each Sunday morning
As I stop myself from calling
The phone just rests there in my lap
The tears can’t keep from falling
I miss the tales of cats and fish
I miss your laugh and smile
But yet, I know, our dearest friends
Are here but just awhile
I find such peace in knowing you’re well
Resting peacefully on high
And still I’ll sit and talk with you
Sometimes when day is nigh
But it is truly not the same
Though selfish to admit
I wish that you could call my name
If only just once more
But instead, I’ll keep you in my heart, always
til we meet at Heaven’s Door

Meteors at Night

There’s something so fascinating
Watching the meteors at night
Shooting  ‘cross at lightning speed
A streak of the whitest light
I could lay on my back for hours
And watch the meteors streak past
The aura in this cosmic super show
Brings memories made to last
For many years, I lay on my back
Along the riverbed
And watched them streak across the black
Directly o’er my head
Each mid-August night, I stretched out mesmerized
By something close, but far away
If I’d the chance to do so again
I’d do so any day

For there’s still something iconic
About this great light show
That brings to mind how small our planet is
And how little we still know
About the universe in whole
How blurred the lines remain
Sometimes, we see only the earth
When there’s much we can’t explain

The Beginning

The beginning is the starting point
A sign of things to come
Always filled with hopes and dreams
A future bright as morn
While beginnings can be scary
The future being ever uncertain
Without new beginnings, life cannot progress
And goals cannot be achieved
If you frame each new beginning
As a new chapter in life
Good or bad, right or wrong
You will have the chance to write your own destiny
No one can write your story for you
It is yours and yours alone
Your story begins with one  word
So grab a pen and make history!

Woodland Getaway

I’ve found a little hideaway
Nestled in the trees
A wayward, working Western ranch
Where one can feel at ease
From the second that I first arrive
I know my soul is home
As I stroll past the cows that come
To visit as I roam

Moving on, a hidden path
A cabin near a lake
Hidden deep within the woods
Heaven, each step I take
A winding path with trees each side
A gazebo with a swing
My heart feels happy and at peace
With all the future shall bring

One day this little hideaway
Will be where I change my name
Surrounded by family, the lakes and the cows
Simplicity, the name of the game
Combining my love for nature and him
This hideaway shall always be where this journey begins
For despite the hardship that led to the now
We’ll prove love always wins

Special Birthday Wish

Go ahead and make a wish
Today is your day to shine
You deserve all the best in life
The world is yours to behold
You are a good person
With a heart made of gold
Worthy of all the dreams
You long to achieve
So reach high and find the stars
It’s your day to grip each in your palm

Because you make the world a brighter place
Allow the joy of your birth anniversary
To repay your kindness to the world…
A million fold

I Read the Newspaper Today

I read the newspaper today
The stories were filled with grief and despair
Each one made my heart hurt worse
Saddened for the world today
So much death and destruction
Too much heartache and loss
I knew I needed to do something
Something to change the cycle
I walked to the convenience store
I saw a handicapped lady there
So I bought her a beverage
A relief on a hot day
Then, I played with the neighbor’s deaf grandson
As she told me about how people made fun of him
I packed my love’s lunch for work
Then made sure he had everything he needed
Suddenly I realized, it’s the little steps we take
That add up in numbers over time
You don’t have to be Bill Gates to make a difference
Just someone with compassion for others
And this realization only hit me
Because I chose to help others
After I read the newspaper today

Taking Things to Heart

The heart is the most important muscle in the body
Without its daily effort, life cannot exist
Its amazement and wonder cannot be spoken of enough
It pumps blood that travels the veins and arteries
Reaching the brain so we can think; reaching our toes so we can dance
When the heart is weak, every ounce of the body suffers
And eventually, if the heart becomes weak enough, life stops
The actions of one person’s heart can change entire families
Entire generations – co-workers, communities, and the world
Heart transplants reset one person’s time at the cost of another’s
But sometimes, families of transplant recipients have met and bonded for life
All body systems are important for life to exist
But, none so great than that of the heart
Your heart truly does beat for a purpose
To grant you the opportunity to live each day to the fullest
And fulfill the hopes and dreams you are destined to live

Yellow Roses Remained

The aftermath was devastating
Twisted metal, fractured wires
Bricks tossed all around
The house largely a total loss
Once a family home, a two story safe-haven
The force of the hurricane too much for it to bear
When the family first saw it, tears and horror followed
Their lives forever changed
In those brief moments, it was easy to believe they’d lost everything
Even if they were alive to pick up the pieces
This was their home; the place where their memories dwelled
No insurance payment could ever replace it all
“Give me some sign that everything will be fine” she shouted
Then as the family made their way to the backyard, they noticed
The yellow roses – their Grandmother’s yellow roses, to be exact
Still bloomed brightly, rising from fractured fence boards
Twas in that moment, they knew that some way, somehow
Everything would be alright

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