I would know you in darkness
despite altered dimensions
& across time and space

Whisper my name
& receive my ready reply
know that I am yours


The Night

Quiet feet pad through tall grass
Claws, teeth, tails
Ears, eyes, nose on alert
A breeze ruffles the leaves
Fur, feathers, scales
Growl, squeak, howl
A branch snaps
A door slams
Lights, curtains, quiet.

Dinner Bell

Hot grease
Sizzling in cast iron skillet

Cold drinks
Settled in icy cooler

Fresh fish
Heads still on

Table set
Diners arrive dripping sunshine

Waters Edge

Siren song of summer

Scuttling crab
Breaking waves
Cracked shells
Pink toenails
Cotton candy sunset

Calling bird
Gentle breeze
Sand dunes
Wind whipped grasses

Daydream of forever

The Children

Your face as familiar as my own


across the table full of anger
& certainty

certain that you know


certain that I can’t possibly


my smile infuriates you

affirms, for you, my ignorance

but I do understand

in fact

both your certainty


your miscalculation

I remember

this righteous rage

This indestructible invincibility


Being 18…19…21…

I am not indifferent

I smile solidarity


This a different nature

not flowers, rainbows & gentle rain.

not fluffy rabbits, spry frogs and quick

jumping fish.

This is thorns, clouds and thunderstorms.

this is raccoons, alligators & piranha

this food chain is hunt or be hunted

eat or be eaten

like musical chairs, but no music

everyday a Russian roulette demanding

quick feet & quicker thinking.


Universal Wonder




since your lips brushed mine

splitting open the night

since your hand slid over rounded hips,

eased open moist thighs

since your fingers reached for the center

of everything

splintering starlight…

splashing joy on my soul


So many things

to do

& see

maybe later.

Necessary new skills

to acquire

& refine

but not now.
Unexplored places

to go & people to meet







Hot sun

Gentle breeze

sweet smell of summer.

Loud buzz

Sharp sting

Biting bugs of summer

Generous smiles

Open laughter

Hot boys of summer


‘Gator Sighting

A metaphor for life

This place

Surface of tranquil beauty

Manicured lawns,

well pruned palms

But lurking
around edges
under brackish waters

something else

not nearly so benign

submerged in shallow waters

aware and alert

as blind eyes

fail to see

carefree steps take you near

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