HOPE – #24

Taunting fate

It opens the door to expectancy

something may happen

something may not

Still, we indulge in magical thinking

The illusion of omnipotence

fronting a positive outcome 


Too confusing to be advertised

as desirable

This world is no less

inhabitable than yours

Chemistry enables the crossing

Books direct to traverse

bridges over strained


born to this realm

this other dimension


Keep glib quotations away from me

Remove patronising soporific poetry


I don’t care for prayers


Nothing satisfies or placates me

in your inevitable absence


I still rise early to greet you

to make you laugh and tell you stories


To hear the sound of your voice


I ‘m afraid of forgetting the sound of your voice

I think I’ve forgotten the sound of your voice


There are no heavenly bells

or eternal sanctuaries where you reside



You are dust


All I’m left with 

is silence


Running my nose is running

My eyes leak and sting

My teeth harbour ulcers

I cough when I breathe in

Shivers track their way down my back

Sweat contradicts my skin’s desires

I’ve swollen lips

My tongue refuses to identify

My nostrils flare red

Running my nose is still running


Immersed in the slabs of the labs of forensic diviners 

My poetry brain sits in some sick existential crisis

While cannibals do their work with swift expertise

I rob the thesaurus I wish I had more cheese

I stare at the screen that’s looming in front

I end up writing a poem short uninteresting and blunt

GORDON – #18

Cross barred Gordon reminded by the stroke of eleven

Sweet briar Mary was waiting at the Ceilidh 

But graves dug deep and marked rest in peace

Prevent the dead from keeping their promises


Fractals falling into formation

Shards of stained glass

opaque and translucent

capture the imagination

demand reverence

Enigmatic delight


Pigment of crimson explodes

dropping from fine hairs in hand

Water down water down

No rain in sight

A blistering sky reveals itself

above a wet cotton pavement

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