number 7

Angst-a definition

Ahh, the joys of sorrow that has no base

Ahh, the manic joy

Anguished  fretting over

Whatever can not be done or undone

Purposeless  yet profound

Real yet without basis in reality

Such is angst

prompt 6

Heat is the heart of summer. It is the sun’s time. Beaches wide with hot sand find relief only when the waves rise up to offer some relief.

Shade is a trickster

Trees conspire to make a place

Hidden from sun’s reign

I am not sure I have been adding my posts correctly so here are the first five

Poetry marathon responses to prompts– I am working on number 6, the Haibun


9 am End

An End


1.Ending means excitement

wait is over

Baby arrives

Christmas is here

Paradise claimed

Celebration begins


2.—never forget

I can never forget

So, the day began

as always with a call from the nurse

at my doorway

not sure where I am

or why there is a nurse calling to me

the breakfast tray comes

the eggs look familiar

taste like nothing

didn;t I have this same meal


or another day?

A cheerful young woman

fluffs my pillow as I sit

up and murmmurs something

about activities

she seems familiar.

Still another girl

cones in to help me dress.

When did I acquire servants?

Around mid-day I hear something

something that indeed I do recognize

a voice.

“Hi Mom, How are you today?”

A kiss.

She loves me. It;s my daughter.

That I never can forget.







  1. Before Darkness

Sky colors burst into a riot of red and purple

Birds streaked by on their way home

I spied a sliver of moon in the bit of blue


then sun closed down his light

disappearing into the water

Horizon line blurred as dark water and dark sky

slowly became one

as darkness spread.



4.Write a ten line poem

Then add ten more, interspersed

Then take away eight


Who is sleeping

I woke up in the middle of the night

The frogs were calling out

So loudly

I loked out side the window

Saw a cat by the endege of the pon

Was he awtcing for a stry carp

Those were mostly heron prey

Was he watching for a frog

Was that to be his food today

Itappedn onteh window pane

——–oops I have exceeded the ten


To see if when I saw his face

I would rcognixe the cat

As coming from someone someplace

I knew

For someohoen that feline


Silver fur  under silver moon seemed quite

Familiar to me

Then I have to bring it to an end

What happens when the cat turns toward me



  1. so, technology—haiku backwards—757 nstead of 575


Computers are they our friends?

No, unlike dogs they

Do not love us to the end


By the way, I did not see how to sign up for the half marathon or even to say that is the one I am doing.

Can you tell me how to do that? Sorry for the extra questions


First post–testing

Ok, is this the way I am supposed to enter my poems on Sunday? A little confused about the technical issues–nothing new–I am far from a techie! Even your seemingly easy instructions are a bit of a mystery to me–I could not find the log-in and had to go to the url for admin to post this and to update profile.

Is there anything else I should know before Sunday?