Prompt three

First the girl in shadow


You have become a shadow to the world

yet I still perceive the light in you

it comes from our love


Then a photo of the mountains with the house skeleton in front


Just the  house’s eyes and mouth

stand between the moutain cold

and me.

Wind has erased the rest.

prompt 2


Hour two How do we share yearnings when we cannot speak of them?

Times of No speech

by Joan Leotta

When words are not enough

My hand clenches

My mouth goes dry

Words are the essence of my being


If I cannot speak, how do I know

What I feel, let alone share it

With you?


This, I suppose, is when we

Walk to the window,

Watch moon rise in the sky

Ripple in the creek behind the house

And let our kisses speak for us.

Prompt One–9 am

I thought i was going to have trouble with this one–my freind callled last night and asked ot be taken to hospital to see her ill husband at 8 instead of nine–so this prompt is safe, but I will have issues with the five  o’clock prompt since I have to go and pick her up then. Of course, on a rainy day here by the shore and with my friend’s health issues looming, I answered the prompt with two short poems.

Prompt one 9 am Write a poem in which the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water) play an important part.


Today’s sky is full of wind and water.

Forcefully  attacking the earth

Happily quenching small fires in

Nearby woods

Quenching also the fires of my ambition

I will stay home and read today



Earth, wind , fire, water

Which element is out of synch

In my friend’s body

As he looks out

Of his hospital window


Rain attack the ground

Wind move the trees

He feels life’s fires smoldering

Only his hope and will

Left to rekindle life’s spark

From sheltered embers.



The last one. I used six of the words

Glory spills into the lake from the sky

by way of the moon’s spare yet lovely light

A canopy of reeds bends over

hiding the silvery reflection.

No need to panic

A quick glance at the sky

confirms moon still reigns

supreme in the night sky



  1. A persona poem/woman in luncheon of the boating party by renoir


I am playing with my dog


His painting

You think you know me

Because you know him


I am indifferent to him

And to you

For me it is the day

The dog

And none of these at my table

Who could know how I feel

My husband ignores me

To talk with a young woman we just met

The painter, he takes it all in

With a quick sketch and a splash of


Most people will say,

What a lovely dog she has

How many of them will notice

I wonder that only the dog

Has compassion for my broken heart.


O do not feel this is finished yet but here it is


When I work on the holiday album 
I call to mind a ton of laughter and love
Memories of those days a sum
Of days we spent below and above

I call to mind a ton of laughter and love
with photos and stories and tastes
Of days we spent below and above
meals and walks, museums and fetes

with photos and stories and tastes
When I work on the holiday album 
meals and walks, museums and fetes
Memories of those days a sum