#12 100 words

100 things that Leila loves:

baby giggling;

my daughter’s eyes

darting here and there;

curious, mischievous little thing.

Scarves blowing in the wind;

A cup of coffee:

Extra caffeinated, whipped topping.

Love church bells,

Ringing off somewhere

Carrying its chimes,

Signaling time for worship.

Christmas songs,


Secrets told under twinkling lights,

Stolen kisses behind children’s backs.

Unexpected visitors,


Money found – always welcomed surprise.

Fall – adore!

Spring – not so much.

Summer keeps us indoors,

Wishing for leaves browning,

Crunching beneath our feet.



Thanksgiving, too.

Grateful every day.

Winter, I remember

Life blanketed with happiness,

Keeps me warm.

#11 Music

Music leaves a memory

And each time I hear the first

Few notes,

I am remembering what once was.

If only I could go back

and erase the memories

like the first stanza of our song.

I need to escape the past

that still haunts,

and pierces through the melody of my


#10 Rainbows

A sliver of light

Peeking behind darkness.

A giggle

heard somewhere in between wails.

There is always something

In the midst of nothingness.

Like the north star

In a sea of lights,

Find that one small thing

to be your constant companion.


Let me choose joy over this barrage of misery.

After all rainbows come after the rain.

#9 Spider

An itsy bitty thing

That goes up and down

Weaving, creating,

Pacing, waiting

For the unfortunate ones

who are so busy doing

so busy

with themselves

that they don’t see

the web until

they are caught.

Pay attention to your surroundings,

little bug,

lest you get caught in a trap.

#8 Love

Drops of rain can cleanse.

Peace is an enigma.

What is Love

but chaotic mystery

that can be cleanse

by tears?



#7 how much is a prayer worth to you?

I’ll trade you a kiss for one wish

A wish in place of your dream

A dream instead of true love

True love for your soul.

Your soul I’ll take for a granted prayer.

Tell me,

How much is a prayer worth to you?

If only you’d stop at a kiss

Or take a wish instead of a dream

Or wake up to find true love

Then you’ll know how much your soul

Is worth.

#6 Writings

This is me;

the writings on the wall,

the folded up pieces of paper,

and even the ones tossed by the waste basket.

My words make sense only to the ones

who have lived the kind of stories I know.

The pretty kind,

the chaotic beautiful mess,

the stories with tears,

and heartache,

Laughters and God.

This is me;

the staccato almost whimsical poetry,

is the story of my life.

#5 Life

Life is not a series of accidents or coincidences.

It is more or less, made up of daily choices that determine tomorrow’s outcomes.

Make a bad decision today, and be prepared for the consequences in the morning.
Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

#4 Worthy 

I don’t know when I was deemed “worthy,”

Or remembered that I was “loved.”

But thank you, God of Mercy and Grace,

for You love me despite my coldness.

#3 Faith, Hope and Love 

Faith healed me yesterday when I needed miracles.

Hope came home today

when I lost sight of life.

But Love has been evasive


though I have faith and hope

in my past and present

Who will be there for me

in the future?
Tell me, Love,

will you be there for me tomorrow?