hour 14: i imagine

I imagine a little girl named B – I’ll call her B.

She is my son’s age, or would have been,

had she not gained her wings before her arrival.

I wish I got to celebrate every birthday with her,

and I imagine they were friends about to

embark on their kinder years.

Of all the things I wish, I wish my friend got the

chance, gets to see her angel,

a beautiful baby girl.

hour 13: death welcomed me

death welcomed me into her arms

when no one else did.

she soothed my fears,

and sang me lullabies.

death sang until i awoke from my slumber.

she’s left me alone for a while now,

but when i see her, i will welcome her

back into my arms.

Hour 12: nonet

(9) Here is a challenge for you and me,

(8) I’d like to know which of us lives,

(7) and which of us will die slow.

(6) Or we can play a game?

(5) Checkers or roulette?

(4) Chess or charades?

(3) Truth or dare?

(2) Winner

(1) lives.

Hour 11: painting

I painted a picture for you,

to help you on your journey

and remind you of the happy times we’ve had.

Periwinkle(1) softening up the sky,

with the clouds(2) enveloping, inviting you in for a hug.

A splash of yellow beaming down like a spread(3) of

happiness across the canvas.

A figure stands in the center,

dressed all in black, save for the

bright red gumboots(4) and

arms wide to receive the warmth.

Can you see yourself in this painting?

I tried to capture your soul in the lines and colors

but after a beat (5), decided that only a true artist

can capture your essence.

Instead, I painted what you’d need:

warm memories on those cold and dark days.

Hour 9: this too shall pass

This too shall pass, I think as another pain

shivers through me. I take another step, catching my

reflection out of the corner of my eye. That is a walk

of a warrior. My legs have powered through so much.

My arms and shoulders have consoled the brokenhearted,

and carried the weak and dying.

This injury – a small hiccup –

this will pass.

Hour 8: a book of secrets

on my deathbed, I’ll whisper my secret

about a book I’ve long held as a guide.

it has a map, of sorts,

a beginning of a journey of our world,

and parables about a lost sheep and a

Savior nailed on a cross.


Hi, all!

Hi there! I’m Leila, a stay at home mama to two littles, a Preeclampsia survivor and advocate, and a maternal mental health advocate. I’m a follower of Christ, and coffee lover. I wrote a Christian contemporary romance called Love, Defined. I recently released a memoir/poetry collection about my Preeclampsia/birth stories, my bout with postpartum depression and how my faith pulled me through….that one is called Storm of Hope. It’s a hodgepodge of journal entries with 50 poems but I’d like to do a 100 poem collection…..one day. Ha!

This is my first little half rodeo and I’m excited to learn and join in on the fun. I’m still a little confused, as I’m not a wordpress user, but hopefully, I’m doing this right.