From nothing

no form no existence

A thought a particle dust

Electric resistance

Magnetic events

Cosmetic defects

Electromagnetic reasons

My form is being.

Time is unending

Space is not bending

What is the MATTER

That thought u brought about

That what is- is

Or isn’t yet to be

To breathe

To see

Hear or feel

Think or thought

It’s all forgot

But that is not in existence

It is and it is for instance

U and I

It and that

Us and we

Together forever

More and more

However u bore my sons

They are here by ur Suns

Orbit in rhythmic blues

Repetitious continuous

permission ungiven accidentally livin

From secret time to secret life

And secret minds will soon collide

Explosive mitosis

Now it’s neurosis

My only psychosis

It’s orbit of course is too small for exponents

The fire the flame

Supernova’s my fame.


by Khalifah Luciano


I’ve been like an obedient dog
Waiting for attention
Begging for affection
throw me a little treat
And I’ll rub your feet
Come and go as you wish
and when you come back
You will find your favorite dish
Loving you
There’s something crazy about my mind
Running to the door at the first sight of you
Excited butterflies flutter inside
Can’t control my joy
Kiss my forehead
But hope I don’t annoy
Loving you
After 5 minutes your saying shoo
I come back a little saddened
Watching you play madden
I hoped you missed me too
But I guess I’m just here for you
Call me if you need me
You know that I’ll be waiting
You leave
Come back tomorrow
And you leave me with this sorrow

The End

i stand here today thinking we will always be

daydreaming of a life for you and me

happiness and love

thank the good lord above

standing beside a king

Who knew there’d be a man out there for me.

Tomorrow comes and love is on the rise

call from you opens up my eyes

you have something to say and I need to pay attention

your love is no longer here, first thing you need to mention

you have decided to move on and I should do the same

wait a minute, what? What the hell’s her name

That’s none of your concern just know that I’ll be gone

all my stuff has been packed and I’m moving on

you packed while I was asleep?

wait a minute, this can be?

where are you going

its been 3 years

i can’t believe that you’ve been hoeing!

who is she

how long have you

tell me something

how could you

look, I’m sorry if I hurt you but it wasn’t my intention

all the time that I was with you, you had all of my attention

this is something that just happened and I need to go, I need to see how our new found love will grow

i know you will be fine

maybe you can still be my friend

but as far as I’m concerned this here is

the end




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Half Marathon Poetess

Hello marathon goers..

The name’s Khalifah, I’m a Puerto Rican woman. 37 yrs old, mother of 3 really cute kids! I’ve been writing since grade school but never pursued. I go back and forth with it. I’ll write for months and then turn to painting for a year, then back to writing for a year, and so forth.

I’m an Aquarius, for those who follow, know I’m a very free spirit and take a laid back approach to obstacles. I work great under pressure and usually shine bright like a flawed diamond!

Can’t wait for this Saturday- I will be going back and forth with a wedding, hope I can handle it!