8 pm Poem

White picket fences
Cleanly cut lawns
Perfectly tended flower beds
Inviting welcome mats
Cutesy curtains

Screaming children inside
Domestic violence galore
They’re unable to eat meals together

But it’s okay
They look perfect
So it’s okay

That’s what they’ll tell themselves.

7 pm Poem

Happy thoughts have flooded my mind
I think that I’m becoming blind
To the good in anyone but you.
At this I’m still kind of new
I’m not used to being so alive
All I’ve ever done is survive.

6 pm Poem

Maybe the joy of meeting someone new
Trumped all my precautions
And maybe getting addicted to you
Was not the healthiest of my options

5 pm Poem

How can time move so fast

It’s five past six

Six past six

Seven past six


Now it’s two a.m.

And I’m still not letting go of it

4 pm Poem

I don’t even care

I just want to be with you

It’s so hard to share

You don’t have a clue

3 pm Poem

Posing in mirrors,

Hiding from people.

The life of a self conscious narcissist.


The life of a regular person.

2 pm Poem

Beautiful melodies sung by broken souls
From major to minor so quickly
Shattered persons with no goals
All feeling so very sickly

1 pm Poem

He does make me feel wonderful
Like I’m riding a rollercoaster
And I’ve just hit the peak
Like the sun’s gone behind the clouds
And I can open my eyes completely
Like I’m throwing a frisbee
And it went perfectly straight without wobbling

12 am Poem

Tiny handprints,

Curious minds,

Unrecognizable sounds,

And too much happiness

11 am Poem

I really don’t know when it occurred
Perhaps it was after I finally heard
That somebody cares about how I feel
Somebody likes the fact that I’m real.