Pray Continually

Pray Continually


People, people everywhere,

rambunctiously await

aweing days of morning.


Years go by, fleeting moments,

centuries. Great rulers

overturned, worlds change,


nothing sustains. Yet one by one

toddlers grow, smiling,

immune to destruction,


nascent beings hinging

upon kind words, clear skies

and continuity.


Love spins the world, keeps

living, and dies within souls,

yours and mine.

Is this thing on?

A big hello to everyone out there! This is my first marathon, so I am nervous and excited all at once! I just finished up a poetry course in the spring, so I’m hoping to put that knowledge to good use. I’ve been doing mostly editing lately, so I am glad that I will be able to finally put my own work out there! I’m so happy to be meeting so many other poets!


God bless,


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