#24th Hour

Well, well, well, hour 24.

I hadn’t thought of what

to write. I had no plans

for 24.

I didn’t know if I’d use

any poetic devices.

I didn’t know how I

would form my prose.

I just wanted to

celebrate as I wrote

this poem. But alas

my mothers not feeling

well, as I key in 24.

I’m waiting on the EMS

to take her for a ride

she’ll go to the ER and

they will get her right.

so, celebrate you all

I am proud of you

you made all the way to

hour #24.

God Bless you…

No Title

Is it wise to trust?

should we take precautions for

the sake of our lives?

My Hats Off

This has been fun I’ll just have to return to read more of my fellow marathoners work. I plan to read and comment throughout the lifetime of the post’s because I want to read all and comment on most. I thank those for their words of encouragement. I appreciate the reads and hope the best for youse and your works. So this is my upfront and personal thank you. Good luck to all the future marathoners and kudos to all whether you made it through or not.


Some of the greatest works of art were written or painted or sculpted by someone who was depressed or haunted by unhappiness in one way or another. When you have someone on your back spreading word to not comment on this or not commenting on that it shows. What is the interest of people making choices for someone behind their back. I’ve read poems that were words of someone who is not very happily or at some point was not very happy.

Controlling someone’s destiny in such a way that you ruin a person’s livelihood is not power it’s insanity on the part of the controller. I say let folks live. Let them write. Let them draw. Let them paint. Let them sculpt. Let them perform their artistic-ness ( if there’s such a word) in their way. If it’s ugly, or hideous that’s okay. Freedom of expression is real.

God gave me free will to express myself in writing. He gave us all free will but he expected that we’d do the right things. Yes, I believe the Lord already knows what’s going to transpire but I believe He can be surprised as well. Leave people alone if you are not trying to help that person or those people.


People say happiness is a choice and if you choose to be happy you’ll be happy. There are days when I choose happiness but I still feel sad. So, I have to disagree with happiness being a choice. On the other hand, life is a choice. So, whether I’m happy or not; I choose life.

More Winging It

Time again to just go flow

I’ve gotten awful tired and

my eyes burn. Yes, I suffer

with chronic dry eyes. My

eyes burn so bad they can’t

even cry. I have eye drops

upstairs but I don’t feel like

climbing them just yet.

after this here I’ll close

my eyes and let them rest

for a while.

I thank you for reading about

my ailment. It’s time to check

out until the next one.


Winging It

Well, from now on y’all I’m just winging it

and like the late great Muhammad Ali

I’m gone bee stinging it.

I’ll be shuffling, and dancing,

and dope roping, trying

to get through this marathon

straight 24ing it.

I can do this I know I can

not like the little engine

that could saying “I think i can”

so fight is in me like the fist of

Joe Louis I’m gonna knock

this one out. The time is

counting down but

I’m not giving out.

hopefully someone

will read my little rhyme

and give appreciation to those

who are now out of time.

They’ve inspired me.



Making it

Yes I am tired

yes I am sleepy

yes I’m hungry

yes steamy.

I’ll be writing for

the rest of this night

Now going into

early morn on the

way to daylight.

I’ve read poems

from some other

poets. And found

their use of prompts

mighty po-a-tic. But

I prefer the old

fashioned way.

Just writing what

comes to mind

until the end of


Life vs Time

















when life

ceases to


Time will still






and go bye.






Out of Practice

I haven’t written

any poetry

for so long

due to life

and all

it’s hap’nins.

But I am


now to

get back

to it, and

get plenty

more practice.

I do love

writing poetry


when time


so I can

try and

write my



I thank

you for

this opportunity.

I feel

once again

like writing

my poetry.

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