Rachnoc Haiku 24 Hour 24

Sea weed man, guilty,
Slimes across the deck and hauls upright,
To do the right thing.

The tentacles wrap,
Tightly about the boat, Grown,
Squeeze writhing rapture.

He flops and plummets,
Ecosystem returning,
To the singing bed.

Rachnoc withdraws, pulse,
Follows his father beneath,
As the sailor weeps.

Rachnoc Haiku 23 Hour 23

Mariner with sight,
Trawls the net for lighthouse waste,
Draws up the broken.

No salvage to come,
From the barnacled zombie,
Stories told on deck.

Deceptive calm waves,
Hide Rachnoc’s wrath, penance due,
Penance to be paid.

Tentacles shudder,
In cthulhu’s great, deep lair,
Rachnoc readies, rises.

Arms flay out, grasping,
Mother and son, drowning slow,
Collects sinful wood.

You came here alone,
He has blood on his dead hands,
Vengeance, life for life.

Ex fell on his knife,
Fugitive escaping guilt,
He came here alone.

Tentacles tighten,
Around the helm, over deck,
He came here alone.

Rachnoc Haiku 22 Hour 22

Coral and weed spread,
Choking the sinner’s resolve.
Rachnoc shades the wall.

Slowed by sea’s template,
He clambers stair after stair,
Tentacles surround.

Apex light roars, shoves,
Fugitive arrived alone,
Blade quiets the ex.

Falls in light contrast,
Rock’s womb shatters spinal cord,
Spews him to the sea.

Rachnoc Haiku 20 Hour 20

Menage a trois died,
Along with baby inside,
Drunken father’s hell.

In a moment fell,
Birthing pool, two concussions,
Born into the depths.

As his gentleman,
Rose and staggered from the room,
He entered, eyes blown.

Beneath the warm water,
Four arms and four legs crisscross,
Devoid of all breath.

The room’s dim light sight,
Lighthouse summons back with truth,
And Rachnoc awaits.

Rachnoc Haiku 19 Hour 19

Where is your young lad?
I’ve never had a son! Stunned.
Who do you talk to?

My lover, and friend.
You came here alone, in grief,
What sins do you bare?

Writhing shadows etch,
He runs from the memories,
Sea embedded feet.

Rachnoc Haiku 16 Hour 16

She cries the R word
On deaf ears, but the crying,
Reminds of others.

Flashbacks fast and thick
The drowning, white eyes, shrieking cries,
Rachnoc slimes the wall.

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