It’s my favorite

It appears before me and I have become ‘Gollum’

With shoulders hunched and weary eyed.

I watch as its placed before me.

A steaming pile of pasta drenched in the most exquisite bolagnese.


I scream in victorious joy that echos throughout the land.

It is mine, my precious. With such delicious cheese!

Oh but I know their tricks, these Hobbits are crafty.

No one shall steal my spaghetti.


I push the bowl of grapes between us.

I’m already gone

Bold steps mark my wake down this chosen path.

A path that few do take, yet fewer ever last.

Fear and doubt guard either side and wait patiently.

For that single slip of rejection that comes eventually.


This path is harsh and filled with peril.

No soul escapes unscathed.

Yet without such pitfalls and obstacles.

No reward could be worth made.


So boldly I shall step and boldly on I’ll travel.

Knowing that each step could be one last stumble.

Yet rejection and denial do not mean the death of dreams.

Though it may take many years I’ll have them eventually.


The toll is great on this long lost road.

Hidden by the overgrowth of time.

But hidden treasures now unfold,

On the road less traveled by.


Boldly step on the road less traveled by!


Sweat, pain, and tears.

Anger, hatred, and fears.

Cast out amongst the throng.

No end in sight.


Questions of self worth are brought to light.


Boxes, bags, assorted crates.

Tables, chairs, and bed frames.

No money for gas.

No place to live.


Yet it’s expected and demanded that I forgive.


Yet here I stand.


Here I stand against it all.

Fighting, flying through it all.

Reborn, anew

Not from your seeds


But from my heart and truest deeds.



Now I shall forget you.

Now I shall move on.

For my stories just beginning.



We walk and she yawns expectantly.

Her sweet eyes, and smile whisper, “Time to go home.”

Guiding me back, her red and white hair shimmers with each step.

Swirling wind encircles us like a dust devil moving past.


She sighs softly, her eyes reflecting relief.

Leaning against me as the concrete passes under out feet.

Her legs give a little, and I hold her steady.

She feels safe by my side.


Beyond her prime she walks with grace few have.

Gone now are those days, when running filled her heart with joy.

Yet often I will catch a glimpse of the lady she used to be

We walk onward, the house in sight.


Basking in its summer glow kittens play in the yard.

The soft green blades of grass soften each step as her legs move slowly forward.

She looks down and smiles. Happy to see a friendly face.

And with one lick she’s made a friend for life.

She is regal and loyal

loving and true.

Best friend,  confidant and a sweetheart, she is family.


Her name is Mystie.

Autobiography of a Face

Pale and spotted with age,

marked and ragged each passing day.

Perspiration gleens with each new trial.

Brow furrowed while hunting in style.


Teeth gleam white in the light of day

Jaw squared, he sees his prey.

Long dreadlocks flow in the wind.

While beady yellow eyes search for its kin.


Mandible’s part

in a terrifying scene.

He kills his prey

without being seen.


He is a Predator.

5 minute poem

Stalking, violent, darkness, despair

floating, flying across the air

wicked men whip the lash

as innocence fades into the past


Blood stained roads and marble floors

monuments built on war

Bleached white bones line the stairs

yet two by two we follow in pairs


Death becomes those that follow

without care, without sorrow

fetch your friends and feed them to the grinder.

let’s make these skyscrapers higher.


Tear filled valley’s reflect a past

when choice and freedom were vast

forsake what’s given

change the game!


Challenge those who are to blame.

Who is in need?

Those who want, say, “we need”

Those who have, say, “we bleed”

Some who are desperate plead “we need”

Yet those in power confess their greed.


“We need food!”

They hear the chorus cry.

“We need medicine”

They watch them die.


“We need help”

They turn away.

“We need workers!”

No one’s left to be a slave.


Be careful at the top.


Mountains high

with glaciers white

sparkling like twilight.


Volcanic fire

with ash and soot

seep into rock and root.


Crystal lakes

gleaming blue and green

hiding riches unseen.


Cross vast deserts

through emerald forests

Back through time before us.


See the world that could be.

The Portal

Around the bend and past the stream,

from winters end and springs green.

past the shadows of forgotten lore,

through the whispers of what came before.


There is a place,

that is Evergreen.

With no death,

a lifeful sheen.


Follow this guide,

be quick in pace.

When the portal shuts,

it shall be to late.


Break free of your hearts prison,

let loose your soul.

The hate you carry,

it takes its toll.


Escape the past.


Like, o.m.g.

why are they creepin’ behind me?

I know I’m all that and totally amazing.

But these stalkers are really just crazy!


It was just one night,

that gave them such delight.

I can’t help it if they want my body,

this perfection isn’t for just anybody.


I love it when they take my picture,

especially when pulling down my zipper.

But stay away from my personal life

it’s not so easy living in the spotlight.