Hour 24 Poem 24 Sonnet

I’ve waited for you,

My friend, my companion, my lover,

As a woman, it’s not my job to pursue,

Rather I wait for you to discover,

All that is great within me,

Dare you present yourself,

Come unto thee,

Unconsciously, I know you have felt what I’ve felt,

Soulmates in a world of lost souls,

Failing all others, as we search for us,

Hang on as I take control,

Cautiously aware of my deep mistrusts,

Yet, I am ready for all that is to come my way,

Long enough, I’ve waited, no time to play.


Hour 23 Poem 23

I’ve found strength in your strength,

So don’t you waiver,

Burdens get heavier with each one that comes,

Out of the storm and another one comes,

Brighter days are ahead,

Must not succumb,

This is God, testing your faith,

Have you prayed yet today?

Minor setback, your comeback will be major,

You’re not tired of fighting,

You’re tired of the fight,

I can understand,

The are stacked up against you,

Things aren’t working for you but against you,

So, how can you believe it will be ok?

That’s faith, belief beyond measures,

Lest we hold hands, pray with me.

Hour 22 Poem 22

Thanking Him today,

Praising Him, worshipping Him,

Blessings overflow,

Everyday, I must thank you,

Praying for grace and mercy.

Hour 20 Poem 20

6 legs, 3 piece suit,

Wings that fly, eyes with no sight,

And… It’s flying , run,


Buried beneath ground,

Minus three years from a score,

Oh, Cicada, rest!


Just Be Still and Listen Hour 18 Poem 18

Just be still and Listen,

Quiet… Shhhhhh…..

Listen the sounds of silence,

Appreciate the stillness in the moment,

Breathe in, breathe out,

Close your eyes and listen,

To your inner-self,

What do you say?

Can you hear you?

No? Just be still and listen,

He’s talking to you,

Guiding your path,

Do you hear him?

He’s your father, let him in,

Just be still and listen.

Hour 17 Poem 17

This the one,

Yes, this is the one,

This is the one that’s going to make your eyes get big,

Bottom lip dip low,

The only reaction, you could have is, Whoa!

Read that again, the last line,


It wasn’t meant to be that way,

It’s just the way the word play,

Apart of my composition,

Scrambling my thoughts to compose an exquisite piece,

Open to interpretation,

Different perspectives,

Yet, it is in a trait everyone carries,

So, I everyone should respond with their opinionated interpretations.

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