So What?

Anger spikes for a moment, then fades.
Yes, it’s awful – so what?
Joy floods in like sunshine, then cools.
Yes, it’s lovely – so what?
Fear’s icy grip is powerless, too.
Yes, it’s deadly – so what?
Depression’s letting nothing past
The emptiness of ‘So what?’

Let me feel something again!
Joy or sadness, even pain,
Despair hits for a moment, then:
Yes, it’s hopeless – so what?

Reclaiming the Land

Reclaiming the land, stone by stone
Raising a path into the waves
Where travellers may walk to shore
And bring their wares from far away

A weary process, to the sure
Reclaiming the land, stone by stone
Yet now that it’s done, it will stand
For many generations more.

There are grander things built daily
But we are still proud of our work
Reclaiming the land, stone by stone
Was a long and difficult task

A passion project for the town
Temperating nature with nature
Artists and builders and dreamers
Reclaiming the land, stone by stone

Form: Quatern



Mine is a noble quest
I go withour fear
I know that every test
Just means that I’m near

I go withour fear
Through the treasures and traps
I shan’t turn off here
My way’s marked on my maps

I know that every test
Firms up my resolve
To rise above the rest
And all puzzles solve

It means that I’m near
My hard-fought quest’s goal
I go without fear
Bone-weary, but heart-whole

Form: Quadrilew

Prompt: Write a poem about a journey.


In the beginning, was nothing,
No mass, only pure energy.
The nothing that became something
In defiance of entropy
Defiance, though, implies something –
Someone did this deliberately
The energy, and decision,
Both came from God, in his wisdom.

Form: Ottava Rima
This one’s clunky. Definitely one to revisit after the event. Meanwhile – onward!

Prompt: Write a poem set before the world as we know it came to be.


When I am lost, and far from all
The home I call my home will call
I remember my first view
Of the home I always knew
Walls and maps don’t mark this space
It’s the people, not the place
When I am lost, and far from all
The home I call my home will call.

Form: Based on an Octelle, but the imagery and personification part still needs work.

Prompt: Use this quote as a jumping-off place – “The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


A slip
Quickly, adjust
New grip

Water and food

Too slow?
Check the new rules:
Not so!

Form: Musette

It’s very tempting to throw in the towel since my last poem was submitted 14 minutes past the deadline. “Too bad, tried and failed – as usual. Might as well quit.” this is the litany playing in my head right now. but this time, I’m not going to listen.

Momentary Setback

The lure of disappointment’s strong,
To get it wrong
And let it go
“I told you so”.

It’s hard to keep on fighting when
I could give in
Twelve minutes late,
And such a state…

But I won’t take the easy out
I’ll stand and shout
Though I’m delayed,
I won’t be stayed.

Form: Minute Poetry

Letter to My Younger Self

My dear younger self,
This is your future – no,
Don’t walk off, there’s things
I want you to know.

I remember you well,
So new to the abyss
We’ll return there, but
You can get through this

Happiness is not
Confined to the past
I can promise you
The pain doesn’t last

I can’t promise you
That we win this fight,
But I know this much:
It will be alright

Form: Line Messaging

Jottings on a Dockyard Evening

Smell the fog rise from the coffee
Swelling the rich, dockside air
Tell of the kindness of moonbeams
Spelling the dull concrete fair.

Rush now, the canteen is closing
Push to fit mugs on the shelf
Hush, let the cook leave in peace – she
Must, at long last, feed herself.


Form: Lento

Prompt: Write a poem that contains at least five of the following words and possibly all ten: Moonbeam, Coffee, Hush, Fog, Canteen, Damn, Concrete, Fir, Shelf, Dock

I got nearly all of them, just missed the full ten by one. Damn.

Jeweled Moth

The moth chases the pretty lights
Reflected from beautiful things
The moth can’t reach them in one night
And can’t see the jewels on its wings

The butterflies sip sugar cups
The blackbird glories as he sings
The moth at times feels envious,
And can’t see the jewels on its wings

Chasing lights can be dangerous
More than once the candle’s breath stings
The moth quests on, impervious
And can’t see the jewels on its wings

The moth chases the pretty lights
And can’t see the jewels on its wings


Form: Kyrielle Sonnet

Prompt: Use the title of a book as the title of your poem