Dear Livy

six years in life and you

thirty years since sending you into the world

every day adds confidence

you are dearer to me than the year before

let us look forward

without fear

without depression

love will be sufficient

I hail this day

Dear Former Self, 2018

Congratulations are in order!

You have survived deep cuts

whose scars will never disappear

You came out swinging

TKO to the past

like a prize fighter in the ring

The future knows no bounds

It still hurts but the pain has taught you

that you shine

Morning Coffee

A hush had fallen over the house

electric coffee pot brewing

grab the canteen from the shelf

fill to fuel your adventure for the day

as you survey the fog

hovering over the concrete blocks

down by the dock

silvery in the moonlight

waning as the sun appears in the east

inhale the scent of fir

Damn! It’s good to be alive!

The Secret Garden

Long forgotten


beautiful in its chaos

she turned the key and pushed

gasping, she sensed a kindred spirit

something tangible that was as wild as she felt inside

as she brought it back to life

the garden returned the favor

You are my favorite flavor.

You taste of salt,

tea and hot chocolate


I breathe you in.

You smell of sawdust,

surf and sweat


You smell like mine

Under the Old Oak Tree

There is a ghost under the old oak tree,

dreaming of a past life when he roamed free


Confined to this place now where he loved and toiled,

still wearing clothes stained with sweat and soil


He wonders, how much longer is his sentence in purgatory?

What tasks must he complete to ascend to glory?


He pauses for a moment, then begins to turn

reaches his fingers out to touch the Resurrection Fern


Keep Out

The keyhole to her heart

Was covered with

Heavy chains

And padlocks

Anyone else

Would have heeded this


Keep Out sign

But he didn’t

Recurring Dream

It is always the same

You standing in the shadows, waiting

Until the time is right

You ask, Will I?

I look at you as tears fill my eyes

My heart says, Yes

My mouth says, No

When the Trees Whisper

Silent they stand

Watching over us

Unbothered by squirrels climbing

And birds nesting


But when the wind comes

Their secrets they spill

Whispering to one another

As gossip passes across town


Neighbors agitated by these sentinels’ betrayals

Doors slam, tempers rise, heads ache

Wind dies, calm is restored