The Monolith

The monolith sits reaching for the sky
My gun in hand I aim and slowly fire
Time slows, I watch the bullet as it flies
I wait and watch I know I cannot tire
She waits behind me with a book in hand
She watches too, although she cannot know
After this moment here upon the sand
The bullet’s distance is where we must go
A boat will take us to a distant shore
The water: time, we travel to our past
The world we knew was never so much more
Than rocks which tower never built to last
The bullet strikes I put away my gun
The monolith collapses in the sun

The Flower

Our hearts divide which once were one and true
As love, a candle, flickers into black
What once was us has become me and you
Our paths diverge there is no turning back
You were a flower radiant and light
The ground beneath you shaping every thought
Yet simple tasks became a daily fight
I tried, but cannot love you as I ought
I took you from the soil in which you stayed
To have you as my own to keep and hold
But in the vase your love began to fade
The ground you knew was changed for waters cold
You change as now I slowly apprehend
To pluck a flower is to make it’s end

Hi there

Hi all,

My name is Liam Kinnon and I’m a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this experience. It’s nice to be focusing on just words for a change!