Poem #24

we don’t know what tomorrow will bring,
let me tell you this now
i’m proud of you
you’ve been through too much
more than a human should endure
through it all you’ve
conquered and survived
death looked enticing but you
aren’t persuaded so easily
you keep on living
against the negativity
you take everything on
don’t let it dissuade you
you’re capable of more than you know…

Poem #23

your face is engraved into my brain.
i remember ever detail of you.
every time i close my eyes you’re looking at me.
are you a mirage?
please tell me you’re real.
i’ll never forget…

Poem #22

depressing nighttime
a little, cheerful fly buzzes
around my sleepy head.

Poem #20

moonlight illuminates
you, sets your features on fire
beautiful golden hue
looks like you’re wrapped
in liquid gold
dripping pure exuberance.

Poem #19

i’ve seen more dead bodies
than a mortician.
it wasn’t by coincidence or accident,
people die everyday,
losing a loved one is not foreign to me.
i’ve lost too many people that are
close to me.
death no longer surprises me,
especially when i’ve wanted nothing
more than to great death myself.
shake them firmly by the hand so i
can reunite with the ones who have
gone before me.
death isn’t ready for me, i know that.
until then death continues to steal
people from me, it isn’t fair,
i try to stop it but its out
of my control.
death is cunning, they’ll never stop.

Poem #18

i realize i never tell you i love you,
it’s not because i don’t, i do,
you just no longer deserve to hear it.
my “i love you” would hit you
like a confetti bomb,
the sudden boom of my words and the confetti
will be stuck to you for the next week.
my love stay with you
until you’re sick of it.
you tell me you love, multiple times a day.
throwing the words around like unclaimed packages
hoping someone will claim them but they’ll end
up getting thrown away or forgotten.
your love doesn’t stay
it strays.
your “I love you” is used when you no longer know what to say,
it fills the conversation void.
it saves our relationship from getting “awkward.”
my “I love you” is not to be taken lightly,
because even once we’re through
i’ll still love you…

Poem #17

thinking about you
as i write
thinking about you
as i type
thinking about you
as i eat
thinking about you
as i drive
thinking about you
as i shower
thinking about you
as i cook
thinking about you
as i clean
thinking about you
as i sleep
thinking about you
as i cry
thinking about you
as you forget me.

Poem #16

soft glowing luminescence
ethereal, shining splendor
bright and unwavering
begging to be touched
angelic illuminating pure light
glimmering for all existence

Poem #15

purple fills my mouth
it tastes of tart grapes
roll the color in my mouth
it begins to change
i taste a juicy plump plum
sour as i bite into it
the juice slides down my throat
i swallow my face contorting
the flavor is too purple
i want some more
sour changes to sweet
the overpowering taste of blackberries
i close my eyes and relish the
intermingling flavors
i realize
i love the way purple tastes

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