24 poems

In as many hours

I feel asleep


24 complete

Task is done

I won over

My self doubt



Listening to the bird call from the trees

Inhaling the lavender


To hear your footsteps on the stairs

You are ready


Fifteen minutes before the hour,

got eat

got to pray

got take a shower


21 Forever

The clothes are fly

Look great on

I dance, I sing the songs

I am weak yet I am strong

Decades long lived,




I never want to see 21 again


Welcome the fear welcome the pain

Embrace the shame

Start over again



If I surrender to you

I disappear

Only you in me I fear

Your will be done not mine no fun

Take care of my family, friends and all

Pick me up when I fall

Hold me tight

Don’t let me go

It’s you I want

Nothing less


In me

I am truly free.



We meet every morning in my AZ themed cup

Thinking of you before I wake up

No sugar no cream hot black

Just us

The beginning

Around the way

I driving round my old street in West Philly

Got my dizzy feeling sick

Nothing left but a trash filled lot

What happened to the millions Obama sent this way, to fix the streets and make places for children to play

What’s up with pop up beer lots artificial trees

What happened to the families still poor as poor can be.

Ode to the oldies

The 5 Stairsteps were the bomb to me

Lead singer Clarence as cute as can be

When he sang Baby come back to me

I melted and dribbled, got weak in the knnes

Billy Stewart, another idol sitting in the park

For a girl who never came

Sitting in the rain, crying from the pain

Ooh baby baby, why you treat me so bad, you make me so sad my love.

Laura Nyro, dead and gone, one child born and the world to carry on.


My sons shine like smooth red wine

My daughter flowers in bloom all the time

Radiant beauty

Family shining like the sun

I am forever grateful for your legacy

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