Hour 12: The Gulmohur Tree

Orange flower bunches
crowding the huge tree,
invite the cuckoos
to build their nests.
Hefty branches spreading
wide and far and high,
house the chipmunks.
Rolling winds knock
the leaves, sprinkling
on the kids, playing
and enjoying hide and seek
behind the mighty tree.

Hour 11: Coffee

Dreams culminate
as the sun kisses the eyes,
rising up to hug
the vast azure above.
Fresh as a morning dew
on a bright new day,
the swirling aromas
of the coffee flavors
sailing in the air,
capture the senses to
awaken the beautiful ideas.

Hour 10: Mirror

She talks to me as
I stand in front of her,
smiles from her heart
and adores my eyes.
She connects with
my emotions always
and inspires my
dreams to come true.
She dwells within
me – my reflection.

Hour 9: Ferris Wheel

A giant wheel carrying
the people through
fun, spinning the
baskets high into the sky.
Making the world to
look tiny and large as the crowd
cheered below as we
arrived at the same spot
where we started.

Hour 8: A Still Night

The stars sparkled against
the vast obsidian blanket,
stamping silhouettes in the
moonlight, when stillness
pervaded across the darkness.
The chirping crickets and
hopping frogs retired into
the trees as the world slept.

Hour 7: Rear View Mirror

Winding roads fade away,
As the journey begins,
In the rear view mirror.
The vanishing mirages
Swallow the distance
To the destination and
The miles make markers.

Hour 6: Rainy Evening

The lampposts lit up the trail
As the clouds darkened the sky.
The cool breeze accompanied the rain
And colorful umbrellas popped the streets.
The smell of vinyl from the raincoats
surfaced as the kids played in the puddle.

Hour 5: Jasmine Climber

A jasmine climber adorns my room window
and bears beautiful fragrant flowers.
It knocks against the frosted glass
as the soft winds cushion the leaves,
Welcomes the sun into my room.

Hour4: Time

Time drips across centuries,
turning the day bright
and bringing a starry night.
Life slips into memories.

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