Hour 12: The Autumn Rain (Form: Symetrelle)

Colors drench the autumn leaves,

Dripping the mirror-like boulevard,

Embed in the sonnets of a bard

The vanishing perspectives of the evening

Capture the trailing endless lampposts burning,

The gusty winds make way for the moon shining.

A couple under the umbrella walking

As their footsteps soften on the yard

For a lovely greeting on a card

Colors drench the autumn leaves.

Hour 11: Dawn (Form: Constanza)

Golden warm waters drift in bright,

Shine embracing the reflection

Ripples pop in excitation


As dancing sun rays recede night,

Gently awakening the birds

And disorderly grazing herds.


Spills the colors of the first light

Capturing rainbow in a dew

Composing every morning new


And the silhouettes come to sight

Ambitious to breathe the sunshine

As the first breeze jostles the vine


To cherish the catch in delight

The boats are set to sail the vast

Singing away the overcast.

Hour 7: Reflections (Form: Monorhyme)

Blades of pines couching the snow,

Softly as the clouds sail low.

The amber peaks gently glow

And reflections meditate in a row,

Silence breathes with mellow

Stillness captivates the show.

Hour 5: Night (Form: Etheree)


draws the

curtain of

stars lit by the

lantern of moonshine

and lullaby of the

sailing breeze captures the sleep,

the sparkling streams cascade into

ripples that gurgle against the rocks

as playful fireflies retreat behind trees.

Hour 4: Poetry Marathon (Form: Acrostic)

Parade of poets penning an

Occasion of feelings that

Emerge as a fountain,

Treating the mystical words,

Relishing the values that

Yearn towards a faculty which

Manifest the surrounding and

Accolades as fruits, ripen

Round the clock

Actively castling ideas

Through the voices that

Hear and echo silently,

Overflowing the minds like a

New dawn every hour.

Hour 3: Raindrop Rendezvous (Form: Monchielle)

Drizzling crystal raindrop

Born out of a nimbus

Races its way nearing

an unforeseen journey,

leaves a thunder striking.

Drizzling crystal raindrop

leaps into the tall trees,

spraying fresh morning kiss

and shrouded fog reveals

whispering woods in bliss.

Drizzling crystal raindrop

drips over a green leaf

swiped by a butterfly,

forms lens on a petal,

reflects the high blue sky.

Drizzling crystal raindrop

scrambles along the roof

glides through the window pane

splashes into ripples

As I walk down the street.