Reflections from An Old Poet


(my own prompt – more of a wrap up really)

Reflections From An Old Poet


Rhyming came easy to me

Words flowed, descriptions vividly told many tales

My first poem was in Kimmy K’s autograph book.

(she had to tell me what an autograph book was…haha)

Age 10 maybe

I think I have saved most of them

But they are scattered here and there

I think I have my first after-retirement project

I wonder how many I’ve written

Poems became singing telegrams for some years

That was both fun and scary….way out of my comfort zone

Being a text book procrastinator, I was often finishing those

Little ditties driving to the actual gig…what a daring move!

I enjoy my writing and appreciate it as a talent.

From this marathon I have learned that having time to craft a lovely piece

Is more satisfying than the rush to complete one every hour.

Yet the challenge is just that…..challenging.

I think i was channeling some of those rushed feelings of the

Singing telegram years! Can you say anxiety?

What 2024 will bring to my writing opportunities is anyone’s guess

But for now I thank  all the wonderful poets and organizers for

the love and encouragement of the written word!

Goodnight from Ohio!





LIFE AFTER 65 (part 2)


(My own prompt, a haiku)



Retirement soon

4 months will fly by quickly

Options are plenty!


What Is Love?


Prompt:  What is love?


W – Watermelon, Wordle, Weekends away

H – Halloweens, Hugging, Hours at play

A –  Ancestors, Almonds, Art Fairs on the lawn

T –  Texting and Tweeting and Talking til dawn.

I –  Ice Cream, Icicles, and unsweet Iced Tea

S – Soccer and Summers and your favorite Songs

L – Life with our Loved ones, together we’re strong

O – Out with your best friends Outside in the sun

V – Vacations with family having much fun

E – Elephants, EMails, Evenings too

Are a few things that I love, so what’s love to you?



(Use at least 5 of the following 10 words: beet, jacket, elk, carport, tremor bayou, elbow, lightbulb, cinnamon, bucket)



Miles was a seasoned elk herder

Working for pleasure and cash.

Wearing his camouflage jacket

Through mountains and hillsides he’d dash.


He would head out early each morning

With his Cinnamon Latte in hand.

Enjoying a day in the sunshine

Herding elk all over the land.


He’d been walking awhile so he took pause

Laying down in the grass in the sun.

Propped up on his elbow he shouted

Damn my life is so fun!


OI’ Miles, he made lots of money

And he carefully invested each bill.

For soon he planned to retire.

Just the thought of it gave him the chills.


He’d invested  some dollars in beet farms

Those funds made his bank account grow.

Once retired he’d take all his money

And move to a place void of snow.


The day finally came, Miles retired

With bucket list firmly in hand.

Pulling out from his carport he shouted

Damn my life is so grand!


With all his excitement and laughter

Miles had a bit of bad luck

He failed to stop at the red light

And was hit by an on coming truck.


Miles and his car went a rollin’

Over and over the hill

Miles struggled and climbed from the wreckage

What he saw next would give him a chill (and not the good kind)


His money he had all in small bills

Which had flown from his car and was found

Being grabbed up by those passing by then

Snatched up before touching the ground.


The ironic twist to this ending

Miles discovered and caused him to faint

The roadside was covered in red ooze

Wasn’t blood, and not even paint.


You see the truck that had hit him

Lost it’s load all over the ground,

The red stuff was actually beet juice

From a farm on the west side of town.


Luckily Miles had a good sense of humor

About starting his work life once more.

But the next time he invests in some beet juice

It will be at his town grocery store.









Called Up To The Big League


(using my own prompt.  This one is for you Lori.  We sure miss you!)



She knew how the game was played

And the role she would play in it.

She was a competitor not to be overlooked

Even on the days when her fiercest opponent

Would beat her down.

Her strength and confidence were soothing

To those of us questioning what we knew to be.

She would be called up to the big league.

For they had scouted her since 2021.

Her journeys with the team took her away from home.

But she would always return with stories of winning hits

Great times with teammates, even a broken nose.

Her last game here would not disappoint

As she hit the game winning RBI

Clinching the National Championship.

But with all the cheers and “way-to-go’s”

Came the realization

The big league wanted her, it was her time.

And she left us.

It’s been over five months.

We have our memories of games and gatherings,

The warmth in our hearts for knowing her,

And calling her our friend.







Love Is All You Need

Hour 7

(using the photo prompt…….sunflower fields have been very popular in Ohio over the last few years!)



As the morning dawns

On a crisp, fall day

The sun radiates through the bedroom window

Gently nudging us to rise.

We awaken to a world of endless possibilities.

As long as we share kindness

There will be hope.


The day unfolds

As we glide through the blue skies

Warmed by the sun now high above us

Like a  well nurtured sunflower display

Field after field, seeming endless with it’s beauty

We reap the goodness of what we sow.

As long as we share hope

There will be love.


We feel content, full of life and love.

At day’s end, we lay

Under the light of the harvest moon

With it’s vast blanket of stars

We give thanks for the earth’s blessings.

And we know in our hearts

That when we share love

Together we can enjoy another day.



Out of Focus


(using the photo prompt…….having a harder time today…..but it will come

I have faith!  But for now, another haiku!)



Confused where to go

Like this marathon poet

Our focus now blurred.

From The Sidelines


(this is my own prompt based on my years working in nursing homes and then having

my surgery and dealing with having to be waited on and all that comes with a slow recovery.  My

family and care giving teams were, and still are, great  Just a reflection on things I

have seen some of which I experienced)



Empathy for others came easy for me

Watching how families cope with their loved ones

Now forced to reside in places  that will never be home.

Not just the elderly, but those who need special care

Frustrated to have to ask for help, needing help

For the simplest of activities of daily living.

A call light illuminates, the alert sounds.

I need to get dressed, I need something to eat, I have to pee!

You forgot to give me my meds, I dropped my remote. Can I get

Fresh water? I need to pee!

I miss my family, have they called, I’m bored, I need to get into

My chair, I need to pee and


I need to see my doctor, I want to get out of here

Why does it smell in here, damn it I have to pee.

Why did it take you so long to get to me.

I already peed.

I’m sad, my family hasn’t been to see me, where is the doctor

I’m having trouble trying to pee.

I can’t open my milk or hold my fork, can you help me?

Can you help me? Why did this happen to me, why me, why me?

From the sidelines, it seems easy,  just do what they tell you.

Everything will be fine.  But it’s not that simple, this life on pause.

Waiting for healing, for better days, independence….home!

What is my fate, will I even get better is this my new normal?

Can I please just go home?

I need to pee!





Knowing Him

Hour 4 Prompt

Write about marriage without using the word marriage, husband or wife



I fell for him the day we met.

He was familiar and comfortable, but better!

What would I find if I really got to know him,  if I took a chance?

Chances with others were awkward, brief, frustrating at best.

Would it be worth finding out he was just like the others but

Veiled in an alluring package?

Still, I wanted to know. I mean what did I have to lose?

38 years of knowing him, loving him, cherishing this amazing gift in my life.

Each day is different and new. Challenges and victories shared.

Emotions and fears explored,enjoyed, conquered, together!

Familiar and comfortable, but better!

Knowing him!








Life After 65


(a haiku)


WOW! I’m 65

Wrinkled and gray, aches and pains

Thankful for it all!

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