My dearest love

Your heart is beating with mine.

You are never faraway because my heart has two beats.

One beat is my love for you.

The other beat is your love .

That never left my heart.


Your sweet kisses on my lips.

Your sweet love flow into my soul.

Making me feel like I am in heaven.

With your warm body wrap around mine.

In a sweet embrace.


Love is like a rose.

It can blossom.

into and beautiful flower.

Or it can fade into the.


Of the night


Like warm southern breeze.

Inside of my soul.

When his love is so sweet.

Tender caress on my soul.

Tender Kisses

His tender kisses

Melts me into.

His soft tender caress.

On my velvet skin.

Into his love.

Of the night

Magic of the night.

Soft tender kisses.

Touch my lips.

The world just melts away.

When I am in his love.


Your magic is filling my soul.

With love.

You are going so deep.

With  your love.

Make my soul on fire.



Caress me closer.

Too your love.

Where your love.

Is flow so gentle.

Into my soul

Close my eyes

When I close my eyes.

I can feel your warm breath .

All over my soft body.

Your warm soft kisses.

On my lips .

Your gentle hands caress me closer.

Too your body where I can feel your.

Breath on my soft skin.



Need your kisses.

On my lips.

Need your magic that only you can.

Give me.

Need your love too caress my heart.

Too place of love

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