Angel of light came to free my soul from the hell of fire.

That covered my soul.

Angel of light bring my body to a place that was away.

From hell of fire.


My soul was so scared from the fear that was upon.

My soul.

The angel of light wiped the warmth of her wing’s.

Around my aching body.


Bring my body to a place where it could mend.

Of the evil from hell of fire.

That had my body capture in the darkness that over.

Powered my soul.

Darkness of Hell

My body was numb from the darkness that capture my body.

The pain was so bad it couldn’t only come from the flame.

Of hell that was upon my body.

My soul wanted to scream the word’s couldn’t come out.


Their were just silent word’s that my soul had.

Their wasn’t no word’s that came from my soul.

Their was just tear’s of fear of the flame of hell.

That capture my body in the darkness of hell.

Paralyzed of the Flame

Darkness capture my soul their was no place to go their was just.

Darkness that had my body.

Flame on my body was so strong it was in  my soul the flame.

Capture my soul ‘I couldn’t move ;I was paralyzed from the flame.


That covered my body with the worst pain my soul could feel.

Anything .’I went numb ‘It was just capture by the darkness.

The flame capture my body ‘I couldn’t fight to get away ‘I just.

Had to let the darkness over come my body.


I couldn’t get away from the flame that was surrounded  my body.

That over powered my soul.

The flame of hell had capture my body ‘I couldn’t get away ‘I had.

To let the darkness wanted  to do.


My soul scream their wasn’t know one their.


The darkness that surrounded my body was like the other side.

Of hell.

That risen into my soul the darkness took my soul.

To the other side of hell.


Where their isn’t no more risen of the sun that will bring.

The beauty of the warmth upon my soul.

Surrounded my Soul

The pain of the darkness that surrounded my soul.

Their wasn’t no more light in my soul.

The darkness of the pain that surrounded my soul.

Will never be no more light of love.

the love that used to be in my soul was.

Darken by the darkness of hell.


The darkness of the pain that ‘I felt with in my soul.

Where the light of my soul became dark.

The darkness of the pain surrounded my body.

Like the breeze that capture the winter coldest day.


The darkness of the pain left into my soul was like.

The other side of hell.

That fell on my soul.


The darkness came upon my soul with the pain that only hell of fire.

Could be explain that is the pain that was upon my soul.

My soul scream of pain and fear no one could hear it was only the evil.

Of the darkness that was covering  my body.


Will the fire of hell that was upon my soul  their wasn’t know one else their just.

The fire of hell.

That capture my soul with pain that was covering my body.

My scream of my soul was just my silent as the passed through.


The fire of hell.

The pain that capture my soul was from the fire of hell.

My scream of my soul was just a silent word that was in my soul.



Over Powered

Darkness came upon my soul the darkness capture my heart.

Bring my heart to a place where only hell of fire belong’s.

Darkness over powered my body with pain that came over my soul.

Took away the light.


Of warmth that was in my soul let my body capture by the darkness.

That over powered my soul.

With hell of fire that all my soul could feel the scream of my soul.

Was just a silent word their wasn’t know one their to get my soul.


To the light of warmth silent of word’s wasn’t heard by anyone because it wasn’t.

Know one their to hear my soul scream.

Music of Death

The music of death was upon my soul in the mist.

Of the music of death.

Came the angel of light that let my soul free of the evil.

That capture it.


The angel of light came upon my soul gave me the warmth.

Touch my soul.

The darkness of evil left my body that was capture into the hell.

Of fire.

That my body was in angel of light came to free my soul.


With warmth of the light of the angel that lite the way to.


For life the pain that capture my body was taking away.

By the warmth of light of the angel.


Darkest night was upon my heart their was know.

More light.

Of the warmth of my heart my heart was frozen.

By the coldest darkness that cover my body.


Their were know more light covering my soul the light was covered.

By the darkness that capture my soul.

My soul scream for someone that could hear my soul.

Their wasn’t know one their to help my soul.


Out of the darkness my soul was in