Continuing On

I’ve always been bad at the ending.
It just doesn’t seem to appear.
I run around in circles,
desperate to find calm.
I will carry on.
Today is done.
will come.

(Poem 12 of Half Marathon – WOOT WOOT!!)

A Bakery Clerk

twenty minutes to walk to work
I pass by the skyscraper on the corner
not quite my destination just yet
no cloud in the sky
hoping my day is also clear

skipping the storefront
I head straight for the back
greet some coworkers
exchange a good banter

I pull my hair back
at the last possible moment
preferring the freedom
of letting it all down

sourdough fills my nostrils
no complaints on that
as I clock in for another day
selling food to afford food

I spread my stuff
under the till
needing some comforts
to be within reach
as I gulp in
and let out a deep sigh

this is the now

(Poem 11 of Half Marathon)

Christmas Thoughts

lights glowing throughout the night
the air feels warm, even at ten below
as the snow cascades down
together we’ll treasure this time,
a gift that may not always be around

we sit by the warm crackling fire,
reading and sharing in the gifts
that are found in this life

(Poem 10 of Half Marathon)

Poem 9

the wind will carry
my soul above the grey cloud
and I will know peace

(Poem 9 of Half Marathon)

Lazy Summer Afternoons

Follow me to the pond.
We’ll jump in and savour summer.
Cool skin brings pleasure.
Our eyes wander away
to the wide open meadow.
Lavender a striking dark purple,
having reached peak bloom.
Just like us.
Dry off and stay awhile longer.
We can lie on our backs
in the dry grass
and watch the clouds pass by.
This is all we need to live for.

(Poem 8 of Half Marathon)

The Current Times

Here we are
standing on two sides
of the same dirt road.
Gonna take a day
to wash off all the grit
I get when I see you.
How did this become
my daily dread?

I fear I’ll never know
what it means
to live without.

Let’s walk to the stop sign.
Perhaps a different direction
is all we need.
Perhaps a little luck
is all it takes
to erase this mundane.

(Poem 7 of Half Marathon)

Friday Night Fears

Energy consuming the main drag
at every block I stride through.
People are staring, but I keep the pace.
I take my time as I cherish this moment.
May seem meaningless for most.
But with years gone by this is what I’ve craved.
A call to face it all, if you will.
Seeking out all that I fear most:
to be noticed.

(Poem 6 of Half Marathon)

Poem 5

warm air
feeds a wretched mind
longing for better
as rain greets the day

(Poem 5 of Half Marathon)


I look at the boys,
asleep, unconscious to be exact,
and plead silently with them
to tell me the truth.*

I was only
an hour or so away.
Non-existent memory
of what brought them here.

My prime suspect:
their mother, also unconscious,
in the next room over.

My mind wanders
through the past week
spent here with them
on their perfect little cottage
right on the lake.
It matches their perfect,
much bigger, house.
Perfect faces
and their perfect jobs n’ schools
are also seen every time
they step out into this world.

I tuned out the fights
and the screams.
No family can truly be perfect.
This is just how they were
when the lights went out,
I would calmly say to myself.

The quiet boys
were very well-behaved,
too well behaved
I realize now.

Narcissistic father and husband
eyes black with no desire
but modern world success.
Never truly there
but to unleash fits of rage.

Too much to bear for them, I suppose.
Even with with “perfection”.

*”Women Talking” by Miriam Toews

(Poem 4 of Half Marathon)

A Damp Saturday Morning

grey sky shines
humid air
seeping through the skin
gentle on the body

this day demands rest
even the birds are few
above the cityscape
seeking sustenance
and leisure
as the earth offers
its bounties
to all
who take this moment
in stillness

(Poem 3 of Half-Marathon)