Each morning

l greet you

eager for your growth

sunlight, water, fertilizer

Hidden deep

away from prying eyes

a secret

from a temper

once lost

but resting

quietly now

All is Forgiven

As the fog

rolls in

It will cover

a multitude of sins

Don’t judge me

For you, too

Have blood

on your hands

From this night’s mistake

Looking for a New Friend

There is a monster

that lives under my bed

I send it to do my bidding

when I don’t get

my way

you look skeptical

so cross me

and see what happens




beats at the window

A fan swirls hot air

Beads of sweat

gradually form on my skin

unwelcome humidity challenges

anything crispy

This season has lost its romance


needs to leave




Yoked with responsibility
Void of compromise

A second hand sweeps around the circle

Beauty of days and nights are lost

Only the grist between the stones

Flours the future

Tying up Lose Ends

You had your uses
Talented but stupid

Digging too close

Unearthing the truth

You promise to keep your mouth shut

I nod in agreement

But you opened the window

so l pushed you out



Holding your Breath


Pocket full of poems

A car ride destination

workshops, hosting or open mic

Birthing your latest creation

To a silent audience



Poking the Bear

She rests

supported by a wooden chair

unable to leave the circle

Knowing full well

The lie that lured her

to this spot

Reading the note tapped to the chair

Congratulations you’re still alive