Happy to be back writing poetry for 12 hours

Hi, my name is Sandy And I am 63 years old. I am really looking forward to writing poems for 12 hours. My last marathon was a few years ago and I enjoyed it very much. I hope I can come up with meaningful poems. I also look forward to reading everyone else’s poems. I find that to be the best part. There are so many great poets out there.

I live on the west coast of Canada with my family and our Springer spaniel.

Hi Everyone!

I have a challenge with the marathon this year. I am going to be away from home! Doing the half marathon for the second half. The first 2-3 hours will be a challenge as i am traveling. Will hopefully be able to post. Really hoping I can do it. Looking forward to the nightime promts as I have always done the daytime half. Also looking forward to my favourite part…reading all the great poetry that comes out of this marathon!

#12 Midnight paddle

Out on the Lake
A canopy of cloud covers the moon
For a moment I panic
Losing my way
My heart pounding against my breastbone
The lantern shows itself in all it’s glory
I paddle ashore, my spare body grateful

#11 Drifter

Tangled curls, a mop
Dirty clothes the same as yesterday
Nothing kept, only left
Into classroom go
Teased again, what fault have I
Only parents drifting from place to place
Tethered I too am drifting

#10 Life

I am always amazed at the tenacity of life
From plants coming up in small cracks in rock or concrete
To life hanging on in bodies ravished and racked in pain
Some take life for granted, never thinking it will run out
But I have seen life snatched from agile bodies far too young
Snatched from the best souls that I miss so deeply
I too have come close to the edge
I wake every day, grateful for another sunrise
Another chance to fail and stand again
Another chance to see your eyes and smell a rose
To breath another day

#9 I Remember Liard

Steam rising
As I walk along the boardwalk
Magic in the mist
A moose slowly turns
While munching her dinner
In the warm spring waters
What is this place
Full of other worldly forms
Together to take the waters


iwalk the line
you in my view
somewhere at the edge
i see it coming

you in my view
i run to meet you
i see it coming
faster than i know

i run to meet you
a smile upon my face
faster than i know
i fall for you again

a smile upon my face
i walk the line
i fall for you again
somewhere at the edge

#8 Unfurling

Stretching in the sun
Like a frond unfurling you grow
Each step building on the last
Slowly moving forward

Like a frond unfurling you grow
Sunlight adding energy
Slowly moving forward
To an unknown destiny

Sunlight adding energy
You hate the dull days
Dancing to an unknown destiny
Is always easier in the sun

You hate the dull days
Dancing the dance
Is always easier in the sun
Getting closer to your destiny

Dancing the dance
You perfect it in the sun
Getting closer to your destiny
Fully unfurled and grown

#7 Angst

Sweet angst
Come to me
With all your turmoil and tears
Only through you
Do I move forward
Not back again


I miss you. I see you everywhere. In the trees,the birds my dinner. You are all around me, perhaps even in me. My life is without you now. Sometimes aware of my loss, mostly not. Small things bring you back again.

together with waves
side by side, we walk the path
apart at sunset

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