Eternal conversation

My conversation with him

Was not about whims and fancies

But about the everyday things

Which never fail to bother me.


I could have done better

I always feel

Had I been less lazy

And this, made me full of regret


He explained how I should not be so hard on myself

And remove the burden of expectations

Relax for a while

Maybe, dance in the rain


No one is supposed to do things,

Until one pleases to do them

This cleared my head a bit

I felt lighter and happier


Sometimes God has to

Come down to our level

To take us out of the mess

Which we create for ourselves


But if we are aware and realize

God is nowhere, but inside of us

Warning us at every wrong step

And indicating us, right and wrong in the form of our subconscious minds.


We just fail to recognize.







The stain on your clothes

Don’t reflect your character

Similarly one shouldn’t

Judge a book by it’s cover.


Happiness is not the end result

But a journey of life

Which moves toward any direction

But the approach remains the same, being happy.


Sometimes doing the most random thing brings fulfillment

And not doing the important thing

Brings a devilish smile

On your face.





The color of love

Shows it’s another side

Which is a means of survival for many

The  one who gets paid,

For also the one who gets laid.


They all are working in red light area,

And by any chance,

Shouldn’t be judged

For, every man she entertains

Is her God.


As the money he pays

Is used to buy bread for

Her 5 year old

To pay the rent of the house

And the school fees.


If you think your soul

Is any higher than hers,

Last time I checked

she wasn’t  the one,

Judging around.


Spider and it’s web

A spider worked hard

Day in and day out

And built a web

With it’s saliva

To catch it’s  prey.


Little did it know

That it will get

Stuck in it’s own web

Counting it’s last minutes

And die!




Being all goody goody

Doesn’t take me any where

I have lost a person

Somewhere down the road


Who was all chirpy

And full of life

Putting their dreams

Before mine


Leaves me partially complete

My soul is parched for more

Gratification of desires maybe

Or narrating the untold stories


And feeling the rain

Till the last drop

I refuse to give up, though

I got to stay mindful.

Alone in the crowd

Amidst all the buzz

Glamor and party animals

Colorful window panes

And the dim lighting


This loud music

Force me to bang my head

And thump my feet

Forgetting  the world outside the pub


Alone in the crowd

Happens to me all the time

Is it just me

Or is it the crowd




Those days!

The proximity of your house to mine
Smell of the wild flowers from the nearby field
It’s never the same without you all

The beauty of the sun sets
The walk in the rains
The nothingness of life

The love I felt
Without any pretense
Those fun filled days

Would you still be there?


When I groan in pain

Or jump in ecstasy!

And crib for anything and everything

Would you still be there?


When I sleep for hours

And shop till I drop

Kiss you hard, till you are breathless

Would you still be there?


When I talk spirituality

And bore you with my childhood stories

But hug you tight at night

Would you still be there?


When I complain about the color of the walls

And crack on the ceiling

But pull your cheeks lovingly

Would you still be there?

My Solace


My solace

Is where I hear no cry

And when my heart

Speaks to the mind


For, things done

And the things undone

The heart, which is barren

And lost all hope


You can start afresh

Says the mind

This time, do as you fancy

For you can please none, but yourself