Untitled Poem 6

A black heart
Unfeeling, cold-blooded
Dead within
A light
Bright as the sun
smiles on me
Little by little
the darkness lifts
Blood warms
Feelings reappear
A vibrant, beating mass
of heart emerges from the darkness
full of life,
but guarded
Afraid to trust
Afraid to love
For fear to do so
will lead back to
a dark state of numbness

Panic Poem 5

Unforeseen, sudden,
heartbeat increases suddenly
I can’t breathe
Gasping, gasping for breath
Watching, watching my surroundings
I can’t move…
Nerves thrumming like guitar strings
Silver, a taste of metal in the back of my throat
Am I going crazy?

Rearview Poem 3

She can’t see before her
Her eyes are trained backwards
Behind her
In the rearview
Daily she relives her past
Life’s victimizations and bad decisions
Situations, circumstances, trials
Never does she rejoice in knowledge obtained
Just a persistent need to see backwards
In the rearview
She bumbles, stumbles and crashes her way through life
Trying to overcome, reading, writing and learning
but always looking in the
She does not realize
The past is the past and must be left behind
She does not yet know, looking forward is how to let it all go
Until this lesson has been achieved
she will continue to stumble, backwards,
cause her eyes are trained on those images in the rearview

Untitled Poem 2

We met
after hours
under the soft moonlight
You asked me
to be honest
I looked down
at my feet
And lied

Untitled Poem 1

I buried you
I buried you deep within myself
Wanted no parts of you
Wished the feelings away
The anger, the resentment,
The love
I buried you
Buried everything about you
Everything about us
I thought.
Somehow you creep out of the dark earth
Grinning, knowing somehow
I miss you
You claw yourself out of your grave
Your soiled hands caress me
Your fiendish lips kiss me
And I hate me
I hate me for desiring you so
Knowing you are the death of me


I am so excited about today that I can barely contain myself.  I will be up early making a few snacks, chicken salad, meatballs, lil’ smokies, shrimp, rotel, etc. I don’t want my kids to bother me with anything. So a five o’clock wake up time is inevitable.  Good luck everyone


Hello, I’m Meka. I’m from St. Louis, MO. I work at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and I attend St. Louis University. I am an aspiring writer and recently decided to embark on a journey to begin a writer’s life.  I am doing the half-day marathon as a trial run.  For this challenge, I will let my kids know that all errands must be done and if they have anything to do, mass transit would be their friend for the day(my kids are teenagers). I will confine myself to my room with my laptop, pen and paper and my creativity.  I don’t plan on any major distractions, my home is often quiet, and we all appreciate our own spaces and alone time, so they have been informed that I will not be available until after 9 pm.  Since I am in school, I will ensure there are no pressing assignments that need to be in for that day.  All other work will be done earlier in the week so my Sunday is free. This is my very first challenge and I am very excited.

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