No More Cruising – PROMPT 12

Jumping in the jeep
Cruising by the lake
Everybody panics
When I pull up on the brake
“I stopped to see the moon,”
I say
“Sit back
Enjoy the view.”
My girl shouts “Oh, Phooey!”
When she figures what I want to do
The moon is bright
The night is right
Two couples in the dark
Everything was going well
‘Till we heard a big dog bark
That dog came charging at us
Jumped in the open door
And now my girl won’t to talk me
Or go cruising anymore.

The End.

Friendship -Prompt Ten

We met when I was eleven
And she had just turned ten
I moved into her neighborhood
And we became fast friends
Five decades plus have passed us
Our friendship rounding many bends
But one thing we both can tell you
Our friendship will never end.
Due mainly to her love
Unwavering as it is
She’s stuck by me
Through two husbands
And twice as many kids.
I never had to call her
She knew when I was in need
And when I needed to follow
She gladly took the lead
So many things about her
Are beautiful and pure
I only wish everyone
Could find a friend like her

JAKE – Prompt Eleven

“They’re trying to poison me,” he said.
“Kill me that’s what they want to do.
They took my money,” he said.
“Got a quarter?”
“Or any change you got will do.”
He grinned with a broken smile
As he took the dollar from my hand.
Nodded his head and said “Thank you.”
Started running and yelling “Hey Man!”
I couldn’t see who he was talking to
For I’m sure no one was there.
The voices in his head were speaking
And leading him to his home–

A Place of Dreams -Prompt Nine

He walked along the winding trail
Slightly worn and tossed from his travel
In all his days, he never thought he’d see
The majesty
Of snowcapped mountains
And brooks that babble,

With each breath, his lungs felt clean
A freedom foreign to his past and present
Above his head was a fresh blue sky,
Fluffy clouds
And a bit of heaven

The wooden slats creaked beneath his feet
But that was of no concern
To live a day not promised
Gave way to new ideas
And valuable lessons to learn

And so his journey continued
Beside the rivers and streams
No matter where he landed
This place right here and now
Was a place of dreams.

Angst & Anguish – Prompt Seven

Can’t be still.
Pacing, thinking, crying.
Fidgeting with the TV remote.
Banging my outdated cellphone in the palm of my hand
Hoping to stop the terrible noises it makes.
Crepe mrytle bushes stare at me through the window
Daring me to enjoy their blooms.
Red birds laugh as I curse their flight
While reminding me of my housebound status.
More pacing
More thinking
To sleep would be relief
To die would be redemption.

Glue – Prompt Six

Mothers are the glue of humanity. They birth generations of thinkers and doers, movers and shakers. They build strong foundations for creative minds and industrious endeavors. Through ingenuity, insight, love and care, they pad those generations with morals and a profound belief in good deeds and kind spirits. Not all mothers possess these qualities, but enough do to keep the earth spinning. Motherhood can be difficult and rewarding, but the result of this special assignment and the qualities required to perform the job is the balance necessary for society to move on.
The mighty oak is strong
The May breeze is gentle and soothing
Every season reaps bountiful harvests.

The Beat – Prompt Four

Butterflies flutter
Bees sting
Sit down chile
While I do my thing
Swaying to the music in my head
Not reggae, salsa or hip hop


A beat so strong it will raise the roof
Percussion, cymbals and melodic flutes
Youi’ll think I was trained at Juliard
When I leave you behind by a hundred yards
You’ll scream when you see me move my feet
And rock out to this imaginary beat

In my head.

Before Darkness – Prompt Three

Bright, infectious illumination
Lighted up our lives
Loud, crashing whispers
Birthed menacing afflicting strife
Seas of contentious dissention
Created a great divide
What once was our life together
Has become a dangerous ride.

Before the darkness descended
We planted and wondrous love grew
Now without sunshine
There’s nothing we can do.