Hour 24.25

The poetry is done for now

I slip away to bed

Allowing just this treat for now

I rest my weary head

And though I do not publish this

On the 25th hour

50 poems I have writ

Within 24 tight hours

Hour 24 image prompt – sunbeam

Few things are warmer

Than sunbeams in summer

Filtered through

A shady breeze

Sometimes I wonder

If I could perhaps

Eat the trees

Green leaves

But be it a light alike to nothing

Be it a trustworthy ally

I always love to see

Sunbeams filter through the sky

Hour 24- text prompt- hope

Ah the little things will kill you

And they say that’s due to hope

Hoping for improvement

Over a loveless gloat

Hope is heavy

And makes you light

Hope is solid

And made of light

Not liquid nor a gas

Hope is not something you can pass

Like a test by thirsty friend

Hope is sweetness

Condensed like milk

Until she knows she’s your one

No hour 25

Accidentally baked it

Into the bite of life

Forgot that eating makes it

Hard to stay alive

In the sense I’m tired

Barely made it through

No hour 25 this year

No just a victory for me and you


Hour 23 image prompt – red on red

Red on red religiously

Red on read then sleep

Reply on green

Glorious lil gungeon

Dungeon done scarlet red

Hungry for the red room

Red on red receipt

Red better undead

Read butter deceit

Hour 22 image prompt – Silence Silencio

On the corner late at night

I listen and I hear it.

Purr and grimble

Hiss and fight

And I’d rather not come near it.

But I prefer this to silence


A verb, request, a noun

Silence Silencio

Adjective and found

To be most dangerous when you’ve pets

Or even toddlers with rudeness I bet

Hour 22 text prompt – Pizza

Round and many circles

Cut into triangles or squares

I really love my pizza

From Greco-Roman chairs

Perfect in simplicity

Pizza from the city

Cooked in gas or electricity

Tastes great and looks pretty

And while cheese can be a mess

While bread can leave you bloated

I’ve never seen it turned down

When the idea of pizza is floated.

Hour 21 image prompt

Yawning little tiger

Curled up by the pool

Starts to grr and rumble

Like kitty on a stool

Meanwhile a lion rawrs

Tired on its face

Matching me extensively

4 hours til it wakes


hour 21 text prompt -running

Running through my head

Like all the things you said

And all the things I failed to

Simulation shift

This is not the time

To get caught and phase through


Though I appear calm

I’m running right ahead

My heart racing

At the speed of thought

Simulation drift

Situation dead

Driving past and pacing


Blank look no ace

Blank book, no space

Now always running the refrain

Tired goose, held place

Lonely friend just in case

Watching from the rain


And I could keep it going

Let loose as loose can be

Find an excuse to be obtuse

Perhaps a lil mean

Doing my best and resting

But clearly has you’ve seen

But I just keep running

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