Another Year, Another 12 Poems

Hi everyone!

Last year I did the Half-Marathon while sitting in a BnB in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. The weather was great and the Victorian desk sat with a view of the old (by Canadian standards) church across the street. The bells tolled on the hour, the place was quiet (Covid), and the time difference was perfect for my late-riser personality.

This year I’m in Germany, which puts the timing at 3pm-3am or vice versa. I’m not sure which I’ll do yet – still weighing the pros and cons. I often stay up past midnight anyway, so probably the first one.

In any case, I’m excited and happy to be part of this great event again! Some of my poems from last year have been published, and anyway, it’s just a good way to spend a day, flexing those poetic muscles.


Let’s get this show on the road!

Hello, everyone!

I am a writer, editor and social anthropologist who grew up in four countries. I currently live in Canada, where I’m pursuing a PhD at York University. I’m doing the half-marathon tomorrow. Good luck to one and all!