Who I Am

Hi, as my title name shows, Monica Loves Poetry and I have enjoyed it my whole life.  Just yesterday I found out I won second place in a monthly contest in my local group.  I participated in the half-marathon last year and I look forward to this year’s event.  I wish all of you great success and I encourage you all to follow your dreams.

It’s Not Real…or Is It?

A place where nobody cares.

A place where everyone swears.

A place where people can lie.

A place where they want you to die.

Everyone’s worst nightmare.

But it’s not real…or is it?

My Guy

  1. Most honest man I know
  2. Loves me for me.
  3. Believes in God.
  4. Faithful
  5. Handsome
  6. Tall
  7. Protective
  8. Encouraging and supportive
  9. Best lover
  10. Best father figure.


The Quiet of the Church

As I sit and wait on the others

I wonder Did I miss the email?

Where are my fellow writers?

I know it’s summer…other plans?

Some are out of town

But there’s nearly 40 in our group;

So I sit and wait

Then pick up my pen and start to write.

Half an hour goes by

Still I’m here alone;

I start texting them

“Where are you?” I ask.

I pick up my pen again

Get involved in my storyline;

What?  Another half hour?

The time has flown by.

The texts start coming in

Different reasons, same answer;

Yes, I miss my writing friends

But the quiet of the church…is inspiring.

My Morning Love

My morning dates with you

Sometimes last all day long;

As I smell your tasty aroma

I can’t help but burst out in song.

Please don’t ever leave me!

I need you by my side;

You’re there when I am tired

You’re there when I write.

I love you, my friend

And as I start another poem;

I can’t help but be reminded

To make sure your power’s on.

Be Careful, Rapunzel

Be careful, Rapunzel

I ask this of thee;

Let not down your guard

For your own safety.

With so many missing

I shall go Mama Bear;

If someone ever hurts you

Their death I declare!

You may think I’m bossy

Some day you’ll understand;

When you are a parent

You’ll hold your child’s hand.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Yes, you may play outside;

I will sit on the porch, though,

Keeping watch with my eyes.

A Letter to Jane

Dear Jane,

How are you doing cousin?

You’re often on my mind.

Love for us turned out awesome.

We both have the greatest guys.

I’m not sure if I ever told you

But you’re more than a cousin to me;

You’re a sister and a special friend.

A gift from God in my life’s history.

I know we aren’t blood-related

But I want to make this clear;

You’re my cousin, my sister and friend

My heart forever holds you dear.



From Drought to Sea

Hidden deep within the caves of a poet’s mind…

is inspiration.

Seen on the pages of a poet’s book…

is creativity.

Separately, they wither in the drought…

of writer’s block.

Together, they inspire others to create their own…

seas of poetry.

The Knock

A family’s heart was broke today

With a knock upon their door.

They knew what the two men standing there meant.

For their loved one had gone to war.

Beech Mountain Wasn’t Meant for Me: Here’s Why

My dream was to move to North Carolina some day;

Lucky for me, in Texas I did stay.

It finally became clear our paths would intervene;

Mine and the boy who had lived down the street.

His boots he wears with pride, this Texan love of mine;

Though I still would like to see Beech Mountain, staying here is fine.

The lantern of love took 30 years to light;

I asked him one day if he knew why.

He looked above the piano at the pictures of my three kids;

“So they could be” he proudly said.