Floor beneath my feet

Tiny feet

Vast floors.


I remember floors

Beneath my little feet.

Desert sands and picnics.

Bare floors and kitchen sets.

Stairs and tiny rooms.

Staring down and groped.


I remember floors

Bricked floor

And badminton games.

Grassy garden

And catching balls.

That vast space behind the home

Empty expanse of earth.


Floors under construction

Smelling of a new life

Rushing room to room

Yellow pink graphite floors

Playing home

Skipping ropes.

I remember the floors

Of my mother’s home.


one fine day

Keep facing

One fine day you will.

Keep facing.

Boldly blatantly , fear gnawing at your innards

But keep facing.


Keep staring into his eyes

Even if you’re shit scared.

Even if its dark.

Keep facing.

One fine day you will be across.


You will be past it

Look there , look beyond.

There you are all done with it.

This awesome time sits behind you.

Clapping and applauding your glorious guts.


Keep facing out.

One fine day it will stand beside you.

One fine day it will behind you.

One fine day .

Just like this fine day.



Abandonment feels like this

Staying out of the reach

Of waves.

Sitting pretty on the beach

longing to mingle with the roaring oceans

To be dissolved in eons of life

Stay away human

You will drown.


Shining neon

On a lone road

Attracting wasps on a dark night

Halt . Stay. Have a cup of tea.

Or a pint. Or two.

Get drunk.

Stay with me.


Mountain side loft

Pictueresque empty.

Storms hit the rocky tops

Drifting back to destroy my windows.

Weeds abundant

Hummingbirds flit

Come home

I wait for thee.


Life is ebbing away

One firefly at a time.

Tiny glowering

Stars of my skin.

You see the glow

I see my breaths.

Counting away on my fingertips.



The unsaid

The unresolved

The unhappening

It rankles

Like a pebble caught in the bloodstream.

Screaming yelling

Why don’t you get it

It’s so simple.


Weaving webs

To the stars

Back & forth

From the pebble to the dotted sky

Hanging forever on this web.


Looking out

Holding breaths

Sending out silent vibes

Prayers of the soul.


Some desires

Stay with us

Like pebbles rankling in the bloodstream.



Lets begin

Let the life forces


The elements

Within me.

The air I breathe

A hurricane now.

Dripping on my skins

Some gentle raindrops

Of labour on my brow

I can feel this hurricane

Wafting through

The soils of my being.

My earth is agitated

Blowing around my centres.

My air, my earth, my raindrops

Oxygenating my flames

Tending my fires.


Warming up.

The glow

Dripping down my fingers.

My words turn to ash.

My ash .my ink.



Everyone is wide awake

Enjoying the travel

On winding mountain roads

Rushing into mist covered hills

And all i want is

To push publish

And put my nauseous zombie head

To sleep

No more metaphors left



A corner

Beside a wall

Beneath the trees

Greenest corner

Behind the rose shrubs

And lily patch

A green iron bench

Young couples

In a secluded midnoon

Schoolboys bunking

The old gentleman

No one talks to at home

A broken hearted woman

A phone call

The stories this bench knows

Are a secret anthology.



Losing prompts

Prompting myself

I saw the end

At the beginning

I see it now again

The finish line

The ribbon beckons my chest

Prompt or no prompt

Dear end

Here i come

Goldilocks to school

Kevin looked out the window
The little blonde lass bounced away to her nursery school
Her little green skirt swirling around her chubby legs
Her blonde hair tucked under a red cap
Snug in her red jersey
But he saw little goldilocks
Straddling away with papa bear
The large black beast of warmth
Ambling beside her on all fours
They followed the sly golden fox
Alert to the very hair to its glistening tail

The pink nd blue smiley walls
Behind the rustling shrubs