moon plant

Moon plant

Odd plant

Orange dry leaves

Naughty plant


Pleceful breeze

Loveable flower

Animated like stem

Nice plant

Wish tree

If a wish tree appear,

If it grows wand,

It can give only three wishes,

If it grows magic broom,

Then it can be destroyed by lighting or thunder,

If it grows bottles of poison,

It does not grow medicine for curing,

If it grows magic carpet,

It will be destroyed by rain drops,

Every thing has disadvantages,

So,take our life positive,

And live a happy life…


If you could live a stationary life,

If you could be a pencil,

You could be erased by a eraser,

If you could be a eraser

You can lose your lifetime by erasing,

If you could be sketches,

You will lose your ink,

If you could be a ink pen,

You could be refill your ink,

Likewise live like a aink pen,

If you lose your happiness,

Refill it.

9 th cross

With my friends i will ride bicycle,
The time when we feel delightful,
While my aunty was against riding at 9 th cross,
“Not taking 9 th turn,
Once we went to 9 th cross,
For buying the yummy yummy lays.
While aunty is searching for us,
But,There we are enjoying lays.
Can feel that she will search us,
And,riding fastly to house thus.
Later wearing burka for searching,
Although we reached the house with a prepared lie.
And always 9 th cross stay in our heart.

Dear clouds

Dear clouds you are clear clouds,
Wind blows pure loves,
You takes me up up and up,
While watching you my brain became shut,
You are a clean city,
And all your movements are pretty.
I need my heart clean like you.
Then all my ego will flew.
Clean hearts are like clear clouds.
All my tears and fears are washed out,
When my heart became clear i shout out.

The boat journey

The boats journey

The boat started its journey,

The boat goes up and down,

The water broke down and Spray with drops of water.

It creates a Type of sound.

People in the boat enjoy watching this.

We can explore the marine life.

Sometimes there will be high waves.

Its so adventureous.

Fishes swim happily

Morning routine

Quiet home

Early wake

Few min jogging

Then a short break in cafe

Take a shower

Eat break fast

Check social media

This is my morning routine…

Million pieces of heart

My heart is broken into million peices,

I lost my happiness,

My soul is frozen,

Now the broken peices are invisible,

I hope one day i could find the lost happiness,

The stars stop shinning.

Until i leave the door open,

Heart broken into million peices when i start building castle in the air…

The pain – Fate

Fate: Ate me,

Dreams invisible,

Wish impossible,

Lie available,

Rules tons and tons,

Boy Shit,

Alone uhh….

Everyday I waste litres of water-Tears

I smile without reason-Love

Temporary happiness,permanent injuries

I smile without reason

Even I die inside



I smile, I smile

Feel safe,Gentleman

Eye contact. Crazy talks

No satisfation. no sincerity

Getting lower,Almost to over.






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