Prompt 24_ sleep.

Sleep, that’s all I want to do today!

I shall tolerate no distractions, for I shall lay a curse on any one who wakes me up.

No knocks on the door nor cries for help, ask someone else for I shall not answer.

If there is a fire , a flood or an earthquake, if it can’t shake me awake then it is not serious enough.

Do not wake me up for any reason for all I want to do to day is sleep.


Hour 23_ Things fall apart.

Like a table on wobbly legs, every nail knocked out of place.

A real accident waiting happen, a keg of gun powder with a lighted line.

So is this place I call home.

How did a giant become a dwarf this fast or a cancer eat so deep so quickly?

Eating deeper and deeper daily with no cure in sight.

  • Am I a fool to hope?

Has it fallen apart so badly that it’s beyond repair.

Maybe it is, but I think I will  keep that hope, if I can’t hope on anything, I will hope on hope itself.

Hour 22_ this lone country road.

If only roads could talk, this lone country road would say a lot.

Though the mouth never says everything the eye sees.

For starters, that road was here before we came and it will be here after we leave.

And when you’ve lived ,a long long time ,your experiences tend to accrue.

So for now let me take the job of raconteur and tell you what this road has seen.

This road saw a chain gang of slaves cross over , their tears and sweats plastered on it.

It saw a military convoy on their way across to overthrow an elected government.

This road saw a group of refugees go through in the dead of night all their earthly belongings in a bag.

It saw an impala run across in a panic, a lioness hot on her heels.

This road saw a driver sleep off at the wheel , his flesh and blood was scraped off of it.

It saw a whole family perish at once, the survivor only their dog.

This road saw politicians with escorts roar by, their exotic cars loaded with loot.

It saw terrorists on bikes 200 men strong, on their way to shoot up a church.

This road saw a group of herders armed to the teeth with hostages begging their lives.

This road has seen women brutally raped and murdered and can only look on in pain.

This road has seen roberries and mayhem and carnage, a very silent witness, you see.

If only the mouth could say everything the eyes have seen, this lone road will have much to say.






Prompt 21_ emotional eggs

Happy eggs

Smiling eggs

Eggs sporting Cheshire cat grins

Sad eggs

Crying eggs

Eggs red in the face with rage

Disgruntled eggs

Impassioned eggs

Eggs,shaped like almond nuts

Boiled eggs

Fried eggs

Eggs mixed up and named omelettes

So soft steps there

Those eggs do feel

Don’t crack them up




Hour 20_ the watchtower

A lone man in a black wool coat

From the ruined tower do keep vigil.                Of old folks suspecting no ill

First he took the old barber out.                        Followed by poor old Mrs trout

The next week it was Becky’s turn.                  Then old Ben who couldn’t even run

One by one the old folks in town.                      All went out and had fun in turns

By that lone man in a black wool coat.





Prompt 19_ Lasgidi


This place I call my home

A concrete jungle where confusion reigns.

A potpourri of beauty and ugliness

Where poverty rubs shoulder with wealth.


Where  you could enter or exit a bus by the window

And where you jump off becomes your stop.

Where the fear of a conductor is the beginning of wisdom.


Land of wisdom

Where gutters are bins

Railways are toilets and roads are markets.


The land of traffic jams

Where the supermarket is a waste of time

You could do your shopping in traffic jams


A city of rousing successes and palpable failures

Where heroes are born and great men ruined





Hour 18_ the little seed.

I do envy that little seed

Who isn’t afraid of the Dark

Or afraid to follow the light.

Or give up when the earth resisted

But pushed and pushed against all odds

And what light and beauty to the earth.

Hour 17- Gyugyi

Gyugyi all bent and twisted

Shedding scales as she goes along

An uglier form, you’ve never seen.


In The caves above the hills

She lived all lonely in the dark

Picturesque if not a lonely spot.


From that dark and lonely spot

She watches the village down the hill

As people play and laugh and sing.


Then one day came the marauding hordes

With loot and plunder in their hearts

Poor gyugyi saw them from afar


All twisted and bent she knew she is

A pretty sight she knew she’s not

However be it as it may, she got to do what she got to do.

So down to the little town she went

As fast as her crooked legs can go

First man she saw froze up in fright, the second fainted in a heap.

Quite a ruckus gyugyi caused

So much that knights were called at once

Poor gyugyi tried to state the fact

Too late an arrow pierced her heart.

Just as that arrow did its job

The real monsters did arrive

Killed all their kids just like they feared

And burnt their village to the ground.

Those villagers never did find out

That hidden in all that twists and scales

Had beat  a truly golden heart





Like driftwood to a drowning man_ hour 16

Like driftwood to a drowning man.

Like driftwood to a drowning man

Like fresh Agege bread to a starving man

Like an oasis to a parched dessert crosser

Like a playboy centerfold to a horny teenager

Like fresh goat peppersoup on a cold day

Like mommy’s milk to a hungry baby.

That is how you feel to me right now.

How does your bed look to you right about now?



Prompt 15 , hour 15_lick

I will do it over and over because

I love you.

Lick you all day and all over,

Let your taste linger ,

Immerse myself in you,

I am never ever living without you.

My dark chocolate ice cream.

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