Prompt 12 – Insanity

Our rage cramps the entire room
Tightening the air like cry’s
Loud and uncomfortable
Our ego’s vast
how do we stop?
it’s madness
at it’s

Prompt 9 – Turf

All that glitters isn’t gold
Unfortunately, most people love the brilliance of things
And most things nowadays are built like shit
You’re drawn in with the most lavish features
but software malfunctions like a bitch.

Prompt 3 – Mr.Sun

The sun was aligned with us
It’s warmth was gentle, yet hot enough
To say hello

The sun was aligned with us
Illuminating it’s rays,
Charging our skin for black always looks good shining

The sun was aligned with us
The sun was aligned for us
Connectives of the divine.

Prompt 2 – Coffee & Change

Two Cafe con Leche’s she requested,
In the thickest Dominican accent.
Her skin the same hue when the liquids collide
patting down her breast, then sides
Her brown wild eyes connected with mine panicking
“dos dólares” the worker replied
I slide the five-dollar bill
still connected with her eyes
Keep the change,
I have all I need in front of me.

Prompt 1- Farewell

Farewells are never fair
To be honest why did we create such a word?

If it death, that certainly isn’t a fair way to whisper heartfelt goodbyes

If it by force, how fair is that?
My dear friend must return to a place where her dreams and aspirations may fall flat

I wish not to tell her farewell, I wish not to tell her I’ll see her again
So you see, it’s nothing fair in farewell
Sending my love until we meet again.



I wish my life was as perfect

as that egg shell white umbrella

complements the perfectly placed

plants, Oh how I wish I could

perfectly place people in

my life to play perfect

father roles or perfect

best-friend roles but if that was to

happen all of the plants would be cracked and

jiggered and the eggshell white

umbrella splattered with blood

due to the constant battle with broken people.

Nice view.


Green Green Grass still turns brown

I thought I found peace in you

like the smell of fresh cut grass

under a white picket fence

on a summer day in one

of those all american towns

where ice cream trucks

summons kids to scream for joy

but you were not that

not that green green grass

on the other side

more like turf

hiding the ugliness

of the bare ground.


Restart Error

My screen is stuck,

after countless times of restarting

an error message appears

“cut the chords”

So, I threw it out window

and never looked back.




My name is Nyasia and I’m a recent college graduate from SUNY Oswego. I recently came back from London having the honor to study young adult literature and poetry. I’m a native of Harlem but travel back and forth to Maryland as I love southern hospitality. I am doing a half marathon so I can keep the creative juices flowing while I apply for countless jobs. As I consider myself a poet it’s always important to push yourself to write even when you don’t want to. For me, the marathon will keep me on my toes. I have a passion for cooking and looking forward to creating a funky cooking blog/vlog for college students and young professionals. I also have a passion for singing and writing songs. I hope to join a band in New York or create my own as a hobby. Good Luck to you all!