8pm The Curve

It’s shapes you, each pose shapes you. It’s okay to look in the mirror, every curve is yours!

7pm Tension

Something needed out, it showed in my toes, every single time I grabbed them to pull myself forward. Eternal life in my spine, twisted in my core, bending from my hips, let it out. It no longer fits.

6pm The Wind

In closing the eyes one can become the ultimate Yogini…forgetting all about the Yamas and Niyamas, and yet in that has an illusion too…

5pm Grounded

I placed my hands into the soil, I could not understand it, the feeling, roots, unapologetically twisted around me. My ancestors, their breath leaked into my base. I balanced, hold me. Whisper the stories you hold so as the seek into me I understand my nature.

4pm Woman

She entered new, innocent to the freedom of being thy self. The need to fit in there. Timid, needing control. Trying her best to place anything into her perception of someone else’s warrior pose. But who really stands the highest in mountain pose?

3pm Let’s Move

Find the space beyond what your mind is telling you, when you reach your arms up leave the need to grasp, when you forward fold let the past go, remove ego and let you head lower down to the ground. Stay there, give the mind a moment, give the breath a moment, you are going to feel here, allow it. You are going to want to come up, not yet! Time does not exist, stay in the moment.

2pm Leave me alone

Leave, leave me alone on this mat to heal. I am not here for publicity or exposure. Leave, leave me alone. Let me cry, let me laugh, let me exhale, let me inhale please! Get out of my space and my head.

1pm I am You

I became this person I wasn’t familiar with when I aligned my hips, I felt the breath float down my spine and I wanted out, out of the hold, the tight hamstrings, the pain in my lower back. I wanted it all out. I’m not familiar here, I’m not comfortable, I’m not me, I am You.

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